39-year-old Dhoni was seen in IPL Has age come to dominate

39-year-old Dhoni was seen in IPL Has age come to dominate

Singh Dhoni, popular as the best finisher in the cricket world, is being targeted. The runs stopped coming off the bat of Dhoni. After that, everybody questions if the charm that Dhoni used to beat Dhoni’s bowlers is no longer outside of the bat.

The same was the case for Sunrises. With the bat, Dhoni was unable to score and the team lost the match by seven runs. But in the game that posed the question mark, there was a lack of Dhoni and whether Dhoni was unable to play short pitch baseball.

Bowlers have bothered Dhoni in this IPL with brief pitch bats. In the season, MS Dhoni was unable to win the team with his own bat. So far in the IPL season, the bowlers have bowled 15 percent full-ball to Dhoni, 0 percent yorker, 24 percent long ball, and 51 percent short-pitch ball.

Statistics show the lack of Dhoni in the IPL season has been caught by the bowlers. Dhoni is mindful of this as well. That’s why Dhoni has turned up practicing small pitch balls in session.

In the last over, Dhoni was unable to score 23 runs, but a few years back, when Akshar Patel had to score 30 runs from the last six balls and Dhoni had made them too, there was a seam condition in front of Dhoni.

Dhoni looked exhausted when consuming medication yesterday. So, it should be taken into account that Dhoni’s game is now over.