Abby Choi Husband Chris Tam Conduct Ritual Lung Mei Village

Abby Choi Husband Chris Tam Conduct Ritual Lung Mei Village

Abby Choi‘s (Cai Tianfeng) story is a heart-wrenching one. A 28 years old young socialite from Hong Kong, she was brutally dismembered and cooked, leaving her family and friends in shock and despair.

Abby’s husband, Chris Tam, is now seeking spiritual guidance to help her find peace in the afterlife. The tragedy has left everyone devastated, and they are searching for ways to come to terms with their loss.

Abby Choi Husband Chris Tam Conduct Ritual

After Cai Tianfeng’s tragic and gruesome death, her husband, Chris, sought the help of a Liuren spiritual master to summon her soul and help her transition to the afterlife.

The master conducted a powerful ceremony at the entrance of Longwei Village, emphasizing the importance of the living’s help for the deceased to be reborn.

Abby Choi friends at her Ritual

Chris was lost and uncertain about how to proceed after his wife’s passing but eventually turned to Master Yin for help. Yin was deeply touched by Chris’s profound grief and conducted a ceremony to help Cai Tianfeng find peace.

During the ceremony, three of Cai Tianfeng’s friends arrived from China to pay their respects and mourn her passing, bringing flowers, roasted meat, and fruits to the scene.

Abby Choi family at her Ritual

The ceremony was emotional, and heart-wrenching as the group gathered to enshrine Cai Tianfeng’s spiritual tablet and help her find peace. Although the tragedy devastated everyone, the ceremony provided comfort and closure to those left behind.