EXCLUSIVE: Who was Abby Choi Second Husband and Kids?

Abby Choi Second Husband and Kids

Hong Kong Socialite Abby Choi, aka Cai Tianfeng (July 11, 1994, to February 22, 2023), a 28 model, was reportedly murdered and her body dismembered. The police have made several arrests, including her ex-husband Alex Kwong Tung Chung, who was apprehended as he attempted to flee by boat.

According to available reports, Abby Choi married Alex Kwong when she was 18, and the couple had two children. However, after four years of marriage, they separated and eventually divorced.

Abby Choi with her husband Chris tam

However, being born into a wealthy family with a net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars, she cared for her ex-husband and his family during her lifetime.

According to available reports, Abby Choi had purchased a property in Kadoorie Hill for her ex-husband’s family to live in. Her ex-husband’s father reportedly owned the property.

Although, it was reported that she intended to sell the property at the end of last year, which led to money disputes. Tragically, the situation reportedly escalated and resulted in fatal consequences.


Abby Choi with her husband Chris and Bob Lam
Abby with her second husband Chris and Bob Lam

Abby Choi’s Second Husband Chris

As we know, Abby Choi had previously been married to Alex Kwong and had two children with him before their separation and eventual divorce. Later, she married “Prince Chris,” son of TamJai Sam Gor Mixian, on December 9, 2016 and had two kids also to her second marriage, The wedding ceremony was reportedly hosted by “Gold Medal Master of Ceremonies” Lin Shengbin (Ah Bob).

Following the tragic death of Abby Choi, aka Cai Tianfeng, media reports have surfaced indicating that her second husband, “Prince Chris,” is said to be grieving and committed to taking care of their four children, including two that were not born to him but whom he still treats as his own.

Abby Choi with her four kids
Abby with her four kids

Insiders have revealed that Abby had a good relationship with her ex-husband’s and her current husband’s families. They would often get together, and her ex-husband’s parents and her current husband’s parents would even travel together.

Moreover, Prince Chris reportedly spoke highly of Cai. The investigation into Abby’s death is ongoing, and the authorities are working to determine the facts of the case.