Abby Choi Sisters: The Deep Connection of Three Sisters and Mother

Abby Choi Sisters the Deep Connection of three Sisters

Abby Choi (Cai Tianfeng) was a 28-year-old Model with a bright future ahead of her. She was known for her kind heart and a gentle demeanor; her friends and family loved her dearly. But on the 22nd of last month, Abby’s life was tragically cut short when she was murdered and dismembered in a village house in Tai Po.

The news of Abby’s death sent shockwaves through the entire city of Hong Kong. People couldn’t believe that someone so kind and loving could be taken from us so suddenly.

Abby Choi with her sisters and mother
Cai Tianfeng with her sisters and mother

Abby’s mother, Fifth Sister, was especially devastated by the news. She had a close relationship with her daughter, and her grief was palpable. But in the wake of the tragedy, something remarkable happened.

People from all over the city started pouring out their support for Fifth Sister and Abby’s family. They left messages of condolences and support on Fifth Sister’s TikTok account, hoping to provide comfort during this difficult time.


Abby Choi on her sister birthday

Abby Choi had a Deep Connection with Sisters

Abby Choi was born into a wealthy family, and as the oldest sibling, she was known as the “big baby” of the family. She had two younger sisters, whom she loved deeply. Her family was everything to her.

Abby’s mother, known as the “fifth sister” on social media, often shared Abby’s life and her kind and caring personality on her social networks. In her posts, she described Abby as an excellent big sister with a gentle nature who always spoke politely and generously.

The fifth sister also shared short videos that showed the strong bond between Abby and her younger sisters. Despite getting married, Abby still spent quality time with her mother and sisters.

Abby Choi with her Sisters

In October 2020, Abby Choi, along with her mother and third sister, celebrated the 17th birthday of her second sister. Her mother, “Fifth Sister,” shared a short video of the celebration on social media, in which Abby’s loving nature towards her siblings was evident.

The video shows Abby’s two younger sisters cutting the birthday cake together and giving each other a birthday kiss while Abby looks on affectionately.

Abby’s sisters share similar traits with her, including their sweet and gentle nature. The video’s close bond between the three sisters was evident, highlighting their strong relationship and deep love for each other.

Abby’s family and friends are now mourning her loss after she was found murdered and dismembered in a village house in Tai Po. The tragedy shocked Hong Kong, and people are coming together to support Abby’s loved ones during this difficult time. Her memory will live on in the hearts of those who knew and loved her.