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Alexandre Look
Quick Info
Real NameAlexandre Look.
OwnedCosmetic Business.
Birth Date1990.
Birth PlaceMontreal, Quebec, Canada.
Died Aged33.
Died onOctober 7, 2023.
Cause of DeathKilled By Hamas Terrorists.
ParentsFather: Alain Look.
Mother: Raquel Ohnona.
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 11".
In centimeters: 180.3 cm.
In meters: 1.8 m.
SchoolBialik High School.

All About the Canadian Citizen Alexandre Look

Alexandre Look (age 33, 1990 – October 7, 2023) was a Canadian Cosmetic Businessman, lost his life during the recent Hamas attack on Israel.

Alexandre, originally from Montreal, showed incredible courage as he tried to save lives amidst the chaos, ultimately paying the ultimate price.

What makes this tragedy even more heart-wrenching is that Alexandre had initially planned to head back home a week earlier. But for reasons we may never fully understand, he chose to extend his stay in Israel.

Alexandre Look fought like hero to save others

The Look family has confirmed the heartbreaking news of their beloved son’s passing. Alexandre became one of the unfortunate victims of this appalling attack, which specifically targeted an electronic music festival in a rural area near the Gaza-Israel border.

Alexandre’s mother shared a heart-wrenching account of that dreadful day. On October 7, 2023, she endured an anguishing video call from her son, who described the terrifying scenes he witnessed.

She vividly painted a grim and haunting picture of the dire circumstances he faced, including white pickup trucks filled with armed terrorists – a nightmare that no family should ever have to endure.



Alexandre Look's father and mother

Alexandre Look’s Last Call To Mother 

Raquel Ohnona, the heartbroken mother of Alexandre Look, bravely shared a gut-wrenching narrative of the frantic video call she received late on a Saturday, around 11:30 p.m., from her son trapped amid the Hamas incursion.

Raquel painted a vivid picture of the difficult situation, with rockets raining down, urging her son to urgently find cover—crucial advice, given he was in a moving car and targets were anything on the move.

Alexandre swiftly ended the call in search of a haven. Amid the chaos, Alexandre showed incredible strength, attempting to maintain a sense of optimism by engaging in a conversation with his mother.


Canadian national Alexandre Look killed in Israel

Ohnona recounted how her son, against all odds, wanted to gauge the gravity of the situation and cautiously stepped out of the shelter.

Tragically, this decision exposed him to a group of white pickup trucks swarming with gunmen wielding machine guns. The sounds she heard on the call were akin to a horrifying movie, with distant gunshots amplifying the nightmarish reality.

Then, an unsettling silence engulfed the line. In a heart-wrenching confirmation, Alex’s devastated parents disclosed that their beloved son became a victim of the heartless assailants who targeted shelters, resulting in a tragic loss of life and abductions.


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Canadian Citizen Alexandre Look

What was Alexandre Look Doing in Israel?

It came out that Alexandre had recently shifted to Mexico, seeking a change in scenery. According to close sources within the family, he was diligently managing his cosmetic business from the picturesque locale of Cabo, Mexico.

Recognizing the slower pace of business during that period, he wisely chose to take some time off and unwind. A seasoned traveler with a thirst for adventure, Alexandre, accompanied by his close friends, embarked on a journey to explore Israel.

His stay in Israel had already extended to a couple of months. Originally planning to return to Mexico in September, he found himself captivated by the allure of travel and decided to prolong his stay by an additional week.



Alexandre Look with father Alain Look

Alexandre Look Parents and Education

In 1990, Alexandre Look (age 33) was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. His father, Alain Look, and mother, Raquel Ohnona, raised him as per Jewish traditions. According to sources, Alex attended Bialik High School, where he graduated in 2008.

A couple of years after donning his graduation cap, he embarked on a journey to explore the world. His first stop was the sun-soaked haven of Key West, Florida, where he found a home for three years.

However, in 2013, a new chapter beckoned, leading him to Las Vegas, Nevada, though his time there was relatively brief before he made his way to the glamorous environs of Beverly Hills, California.

During his odyssey from one locale to another, he forged numerous friendships and delved into various businesses, accumulating a wealth of experiences.

Ultimately, he ventured into the cosmetic business, which prompted his move to Cabo, Mexico, drawn by the promising growth prospects that awaited him there.

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Alexandre Look FAQs

Ques: How old was Alexandre Look?

Ans: 33.

Ques: Which school did Alexandre Look attend?

Ans: Bialik High School.

Ques: Who are Alexandre Look’s parents?

Ans: Alain Look (father) and Raquel Ohnona (mother).

Ques: When was Alexandre Look killed?

Ans: On October 7, 2023.