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Alexis Neiers


Real NameAlexis Christine Neiers.
AkaAlexis Christine Haines
ProfessionTV Personality.
Birth DateJune 20, 1991.
Birth PlaceLos Angeles, CA, America.
ParentsFather: Mikel Neiers.
Mother: Andrea Arlington.
SiblingsTess Taylor.
Gabrielle Neiers.
Tashea Gadlin.
Kaleb Mikel Neiers.
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Love Life
Marital StatusMarried.
HusbandEvan Haines.
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 54.3.
Pounds: 119.7 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 6".
In centimeters: 168 cm.
In meters: 1.68 m.
TelevisionChelsea Lately (2010).
Pretty Wild (2010).
Dateline NBC (2013).
MoviesFrat Party (2009).
Net worth$458k.

Alexis Neiers in The Real Bling Ring Hollywood Heist

Who is Alexis Neiers?

Alexis Neiers (born on June 20, 1991) is a 31-years-old TV personality who became a topic of headlines in 2009 after being accused of heists. Neiers did all the burglaries with her friends, The Bling Ring, that gang of youth charged with breaking into Hollywood’s wealthy and famous homes, making off some of the most prized possessions. The items that Alexis and her partners stole included expensive jewelry, designer clothes, cash, and luxury watches.

4 after the gang got caught, Sofia Coppola released a movie titled “The Bling Ring,” depicting all the burglaries that the notorious LA gang did back in 2009. In 2022, the thefts that happened 13 years ago became a hot topic after Netflix released a three-part docu-series, “The Real Bling Ring: Hollywood Heist,” which aired on September 21.


Alexis Neiers with husband

Where is Alexis Neiers now?

Two years after working on the reality show Neiers met a Canadian businessman, Evan Haines, and they got married in a beautiful wedding in Mexico. After marriage, she changed her name from Alexis Neiers to Alexis Haines.

Alexis Neiers with her daughter

The couple has two beautiful daughters. She left drugs and bad habits behind and is now living her dream life. She also wrote a book named “Recovering From Reality.”


Alexis Neiers height and weight

Consumption of Toxic Substances Since Middle School

On June 20, 1991, Alexis Neiers (age 31 years) took birth in Los Angeles, CA. Her father, Mikel Neiers, was a photography director who worked o some famous projects, including the famous sitcom “Friends.” Haines’ mother used to work as an actress/ model who worked for Playboy in the mid-80s. The marriage of Alexis’ parents did not last long, and they got separated. Andrea got remarried, and she homeschooled her daughter.

The young girl started using drugs when she was a middle school student, and it began with just teenage stuff: smoking pot, drinking warm beers out of her friend’s fridges in the garage, and going to parties. By the time she was 15, she had become addicted to OxyContin, and from there, her addiction progressed really quickly. According to sources, from 2006 to 2008, she used heroin daily, all day.


Alexis Neiers on a call

Robbery at Celebrities’ houses

Every now and then, a crime occurs that transcends the significance of its facts. It’s incredible how they did it. However, the big question that this crime answers for us is why they would do such a thing. Paris Hilton seemed to thrive on attention almost anywhere, at any time back in 2009, but not the type of publicity she was receiving from Nick Prugo.

Nick claimed he was looking for a way to make quick money, and with time, their group got bigger, and a total of 7 people became part of the team. He said it used to start in the early morning hours after a night of partying on Hilton’s doorstep.

When officials asked one of the alleged suspects if plotting the plan was exciting, he replied, “I think it was like Tom Cruise’s Mission Impossible” The bling ring is accused of stealing more than $3 million in jewelry and high-end designer brands between October 2008 and August 2009.

Alexis Neiers mug shot

After Getting Caught

When LAPD learned about the heists and arrested Alexis, she accepted a plea deal, and I spent a summer in jail on a six-month sentence. Meanwhile, she appeared on a reality show named “Pretty Wild” and became a reality TV star. The money that she earned from the show fueled her addiction. The lady was loaded, like, from the second shooting of “Pretty Wild” until the second it stopped.

Alexis Neiers in Pretty Wild

During an interview, Neiers said, “When you have an addiction to Opiates, you literally can’t stop because you start going through really painful, excruciating painful withdrawal symptoms. And so, yeah, I used in between every different location we filmed, I would sneak into the bathroom and use and escape as much as I could.”


Alexis Haines in Bling Ring

Achieving Sobriety

The Hollywood industry is known for having people in it that have a lot of substance abuse issues, and so that trauma and that pressure is, like, amplified when you’re on TV. It drove Alexis to the bottom fast. And so, while nobody else is responsible for all of that except for her, it amplified that. She ended up being arrested for possession of heroin, but instead of sentencing her to 6 to 8 years, Judge Peter Espinoza saved her life by sentencing her to treatment.


Alexis Neiers Q&A

Ques: How much is Alexis Neiers’ age?

Ans: 31 (in 2022).

Ques: When did Alexis Neiers take birth?

Ans: June 20, 1991.

Ques: Where was Alexis Neiers born?

Ans: Los Angeles, CA.

Ques: What is Alexis Neiers’ net worth?

Ans: USD 458k.

Ques: Who is Alexis Neiers married to?

Ans: Evan Haines.

Ques: Who are the parents of Alexis Neiers?

Ans: Andrea Arlington (mother) and Mikel Neiers (father).