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Ana Benevides
Quick Info
Real NameAna Benevides.
In NewsDied in Taylor Swift's Concert.
Birth DateJuly 22, 2000.
Birth PlaceSonora, Brazil.
Died Aged23.
Died OnNovember 17, 2023.
Cause of DeathCardiac Arrest.
ParentsMother: Adriana Benevides.
Father: Weiny Machado.
Social media
Love Life
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 3".
In centimeters: 160.02 cm.
In meters: 1.6 m.
CollegeUniversidade Federal de Rondonópolis.


All About Taylor Swift fan Ana Benevides

Ana Benevides (age 23, July 22, 2000 – November 17, 2023) was a Brazilian woman who died during a Taylor Swift concert. Attending the event turned fatal when Ana experienced a cardiac arrest during the scorching concert, reportedly held in temperatures exceeding 60 degrees Celsius.

Despite heroic efforts by a friend who successfully revived her at the scene, Ana’s fate took a tragic turn en route to the hospital. She suffered a second cardiac arrest and, unfortunately, did not survive.

Ana Benevides suffered cardiac during Taylor Swift concert

Disturbing reports indicate that the extreme heat led to unbearable conditions for the 60,000-strong crowd, resulting in over 1,000 individuals fainting due to dehydration.

Swift was heartbroken after she learned about Benevides’ death and she expressed her grief through an emotional message on Instagram.



Taylor Swift fan Ana Benevides

Ban of Water in The Concert Took Benevides’ Life

In a tragic turn of events on November 17, 2023, Ana Benevides, an avid Taylor Swift enthusiast, met her untimely end during a concert in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Benevides collapsed during the show, succumbing to a cardiac arrest. Although revived at the scene, her respite was short-lived—40 minutes later, a second cardiac arrest claimed her life.

The scorching weather on the concert day exacerbated the ordeal for fans, making it increasingly challenging to endure. Amidst the distress, a multitude fainted, and chants of ‘Water…Water…Water’ echoed through the crowd. Recognizing the severity of the situation, Swift took an unprecedented step, halting the concert to personally distribute water bottles among the fans.

Disturbing revelations now emerge, suggesting that inadequate arrangements may have played a role in Ana’s tragic demise. Attendees allege that they were prohibited from bringing water into the venue, and the available water inside was allegedly sold at exorbitant prices.

While concert organizers flood social media with images and videos of the event, there’s a conspicuous silence on Ana Clara’s death and the fans’ grievances regarding water and the blistering heat. The circumstances surrounding Ana’s passing raise crucial questions about the concert’s preparedness and the welfare of attendees.



Taylor Swift fan Ana Benevides Died

Taylor Swift Penned An Emotional Message For Benevides

Taylor Swift is reeling from the heartbreaking news of Ana Benevides’ passing. The pop sensation took to Instagram to express her devastation just before hitting the stage for the first of her three concerts in Brazil on the Eras world tour.

Swift, visibly overwhelmed with grief, made it clear that she wouldn’t address the tragic incident during the evening’s performance. Opting for a digital note, she conveyed her sorrow and emphasized that the loss of a fan during one of her concerts was a scenario she never imagined would occur.



Ana Benevides mother Adriana Benevides

Swifties’ Support Moves Grieving Mom After Tragic Concert Loss

The heartbroken mother of the Taylor Swift fan who tragically lost her life due to extreme heat during the pop sensation’s Rio de Janeiro concert is finding solace in the overwhelming support from Swifties worldwide. Adriana, the mother of Ana Benevides, expressed her gratitude as fans rallied through crowdfunding efforts to bring her daughter’s body back home.

In an emotional video, Adriana conveyed her immense thanks, sharing, “Thank God, we reached the goal this morning. We have enough to do everything we wanted. A lot of people have donated, and we’re deeply grateful for that.”

The grieving mother’s anguish was palpable in an earlier television appearance where she lamented the lack of support from concert organizers in facilitating her daughter’s return. “She’s been there since Friday… the people from the concert who put it together aren’t giving us the support to bring her home,” Adriana tearfully revealed.

Despite the absence of an official cause of death, it’s suspected that Benevides succumbed to heat-related illness amid the extreme temperatures during the Eras Tour show in Rio. Reports indicated temperatures reaching a scorching 102 degrees Fahrenheit, coupled with stifling 70 percent humidity, creating a blistering sensation of around 138 degrees Fahrenheit, as per PBS.


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Ana Benevides with her mother

Ana Benevides Parents and Background

On July 22, 2000, Ana Benevides (who died at age 23) was born to her mother, Adriana Benevides, in Brazil. Growing up in Sonora, Ana led a seemingly ordinary life, marked by her pursuit of education and dreams.

As a college student, Ana was dedicated to her studies, majoring in Psychology at Universidade Federal de Rondonópolis. Delving into her social media presence, particularly her Twitter handle (@benevidz24), it becomes evident how remarkable a person she was.

Her posts resonate with her profound admiration for Taylor Swift, showcasing her ardent fandom. It’s heartbreaking to note that fulfilling her dream of seeing Swift perform live coincided tragically with the final day of her life.


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Ana Benevides FAQs

Ques: How old was Ana Benevides?

Ans: Ana was just 23.

Ques: Where was Ana Benevides from?

Ans: Sonora, Brazil.

Ques: Which college did Ana Benevides attend?

Ans: Universidade Federal de Rondonópolis.