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Anna Maria Muhe


Real NameAnna Maria Mühe.
In LimelightWoman of the Dead (2022).
Birth DateJuly 23, 1985.
Birth PlaceEast Berlin, East Germany.
ParentsFather: Ulrich Mühe.
Mother: Jenny Gröllmann.
SiblingsSophie Marie Mühe,
Jeanne Gröllmann,
Andreas Mühe,
Jacob Mühe,
Konrad Mühe.
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Love Life
Marital StatusNot married.
KidsA Daughter.
Ex-PartnerTimon Modersohn.
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 54.2.
Pounds: 119.4 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 3½".
In centimeters: 161 cm.
In meters: 1.61 m.
TelevisionDelphinsommer (2004).
Die letzte Schlacht (2005).
Police Call 110 (2005).
SOKO Wismar (2006).
Siebenstein (2006).
Abschnitt 40 (2006).
Der Kriminalist (2006).
Pfarrer Braun (2007).
Meine böse Freundin (2007).
Doppelter Einsatz (2007).
Späte Aussicht (2007).
Der Tote in der Mauer (2008).
The Bill (2008).
Leipzig Homicide (2005–2009).
Die kluge Bauerntochter (2009).
Anna and the Prince (2009).
Alpha 0.7: The Enemy Within You (2010).
Alpha 0.7 - Der Feind in dir (2010).
Unter anderen Umständen (2011).
Im falschen Leben (2011).
Deckname Luna (2012– ).
Bloch (2013).
Sternstunde ihres Lebens (2014).
Göttliche Funken (2014).
Spreewaldkrimi (2014).
Shades of Guilt (2015).
Engel unter Wasser - Ein Nordseekrimi (2015).
Mitten in Deutschland: NSU (2016).
Lotte Jäger und das tote Mädchen (2016).
Familie! (2016).
Neo Magazin (2017).
Wenn Frauen ausziehen (2017).
Kilimandscharo: Reise ins Leben (2017).
Jerks (2018).
Dogs of Berlin (2018).
Bauhaus - A New Era (2019).
Playing God (2020).
Our wonderful years (2020).
Tatort (2004–2021).
Solo für Weiss (2016–2022).
Woman of the Dead (2022).
MoviesBig Girls Don't Cry (2002).
Love in Thoughts (2004).
Escape! (2004).
Neuland (2004).
The Penelation Show (2004).
Running on Empty (2006).
Nichts geht mehr (2006).
Sieh zu dass du Land gewinnst (2006).
Schwesterherz (2006).
Lunik (2007).
Mars (2007).
Wir sagen Du! Schatz. (2007).
Novemberkind (2008).
1½ Knights - In Search of the Ravishing Princess Herzelinde (2008).
The Countess (2009).
Ausflug (2009).
Lila, Lila (2009).
Live Stream (2010).
In der Welt habt ihr Angst (2011).
Pärchenabend (2011).
Cracks in the Shell (2011).
Fly Away (2012).
West (2013).
Not My Day (2014).
Junges Deutschland (2014).
Seitenwechsel (2016).
My Blind Date with Life (2017).
Godless Youth (2017).
The Perfect Secret (2019).
Lassie Come Home (2020).
Coming home (2021).
Net worth$3.87 Million.

Anna Maria Muhe as Brunhilde Blum in Woman of the Dead

Anna Maria Mühe, Who Played Brunhilde Blum in “Woman of the Dead”

Anna Maria Mühe (born on July 23, 1985) is a 37-year-old German actress known for her work in productions like “Sieh zu dass du Land gewinnst,” “Running on Empty” and “The Perfect Secret.” She has been working in the acting industry since 2002 and has worked in more than 31 movies and 41 TV shows. You might have seen her in “The Perfect Secret” also.

In 2023, Anna earned accolades from viewers after appearing as Brunhilde Blum in a Netflix series titled “Woman of the Dead,” which aired on January 5. In this Nicolai Rohde-directed Austrian crime drama, Mühe played the part of a widow trying to find her husband’s murderers; artists like Simon Schwarz, Stephanie Lexer, Gregor Bloéb, and Yousef’ Joe’ Sweid are also part of this production.

According to Maria’s IMDB profile, she is currently working on season 2 of the TV mini-series “Our wonderful years” with director Mira Thiel. The schedule of episodes is not out yet, but it will likely come out in June 2023.


Anna Maria Mühe height and weight

How Old is Anna Maria Mühe?

On July 23, 1985, Anna Maria Mühe (age 37) was born in East Berlin, East Germany. Her father, Ulrich Mühe, and mother, Jenny Gröllmann, are very popular actors. Undoubtedly Anna gained the skills of an actor from her parents. According to sources, Mühe was only 4 when her father and mother separated. She grew up with her father in Berlin, Vienna, and Hamburg.

One day the director Maria von Heland approached Anna and invited her to a casting audition. Maria was a bit skeptical at first, but she reached the venue and gave her best performance winning the role of Kati in “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”

After debuting in the acting industry, Mühe realized she wanted to receive proper training, so she joined Marianne Fischer-Kupfer’s acting classes.


Anna Maria Muhe as Coming home in Christina

Anna Maria Mühe’s Acting Career

In 2004 Anna stepped into the TV industry also. Her first small-screen job was “Delphinsommer,” a TV movie where she played the protagonist Nathalie Wagner, a teenager from a strict Christian family. That year she appeared in 4 more films, including “Love in Thoughts,” “Escape!,” “Neuland,” and “The Penelation Show.”

Anna Maria Mühe in Entführung in London

In 2006, Mühe earned a part in Bülent Akinci’s production “Running on Empty.” This movie won numerous awards at different film festivals, including Berlin International Film Festival and Moscow International Film Festival.

On the one hand, Maria did various movies one after another; on the other hand, she also did several shows, including “Lotte Jäger und das tote Mädchen,” “Wenn Frauen ausziehen,” “Sternstunde ihres Lebens,” “Unter anderen Umständen,” “Our wonderful years” “Solo für Weiss” and “Tatort.”


Anna Maria Mühe with Timon Modersohn

Who is Anna Maria Mühe’s Husband?

The German actress is unmarried, but a few years back, she was in a romantic relationship with Timon Modersohn. According to sources, Anna and Tim stayed friends for years, but slowly, their friendship turned into attraction, and they fell in love with each other.

In 2012 they appeared together for the first time at a movie event. Later that year, they welcomed a daughter into their life. Sadly in 2016, Mühe and Modersohn separated, and now the actress lives with her child in Berlin.


Anna Maria Mühe Q&A

Ques: What is Anna Maria Mühe’s nationality?

Ans: German.

Ques: How tall is Anna Maria Mühe?

Ans: 5 feet 3½ inches (1.61 m).

Ques: What is Anna Maria Mühe’s Instagram username?

Ans: @annamariamuehe.

Ques: Is Anna Maria Mühe married?

Ans: No.