Are BTS V and Jennie Dating? Caught in Paris Video Viral

Are BTS V and Jennie Dating Caught in Paris Video Viral

Is it true that BTS V and Jennie are dating?

K-pop is no stranger to dating rumors and speculations surrounding its idols. One recent rumor that has been making headlines is the alleged relationship between BTS member V, whose real name is Kim Tae-hyung, and Blackpink’s Jennie, also known as Kim Jennie.

A video surfaced online showing the two walking hand in hand in Paris, France, sparking a frenzy among fans and the media. In this article, we will delve into the details of this rumored relationship and explore the implications it holds for the artists and their respective fan bases.


V and jennie paris video

The dating rumor between V and Jennie has been circulating for quite some time, but it gained significant traction when a video capturing their intimate stroll in Paris emerged.

Fans quickly analyzed every detail, from their casual attire to their seemingly carefree demeanor. The video fueled the speculations that the two might be more than just friends or colleagues. Let’s delve deeper into the background of these artists and how this video has added to the dating rumors.


V and Jennie in Paris Video

On the 18th, a short video capturing V and Jennie walking hand in hand in Paris, France, was shared on social media platforms. The video depicted them strolling along a riverside as the sun set, both dressed casually in jeans and white hats.

They appeared relaxed and at ease in each other’s company, seemingly oblivious to the attention around them. However, it’s important to note that the video alone does not provide concrete evidence of a romantic relationship between the two.

Reactions and Speculations

As the video made its way online, it ignited a wave of reactions and speculations among fans and the general public. Supporters of the alleged couple expressed joy and excitement, rooting for their favorite artists’ happiness.


BTS V Dating

Jennie and BTS V Previous Dating Rumors

The dating rumors surrounding V and Jennie did not emerge out of thin air. Speculations about their relationship have persisted since last spring when they were spotted enjoying a drive together on Jeju Island.

Furthermore, an online photo was circulated showing Jennie taking a picture of V while he styled his hair. These incidents and their close interactions on various public occasions have fueled dating rumors over time.



BTS V Dating Jennie

V’s Trip to France

V’s trip to France adds another layer of intrigue to the dating rumors. He traveled to the country on the 15th for a fashion brand pictorial, which naturally raised questions about Jennie’s presence in Paris as well.

It is not uncommon for K-pop idols to engage in overseas activities, including photoshoots and fashion collaborations, so the timing and location of V’s trip could be coincidental.

However, given the dating rumors surrounding the two, it has inevitably sparked speculation about a possible rendezvous between V and Jennie.


blackpink Jennie dating

Jennie’s Involvement in Cannes Film Festival

Adding to the buzz surrounding the dating rumors, Jennie’s participation in the prestigious 76th Cannes International Film Festival further heightened curiosity.

She was invited to the non-competition section of the event, representing the American HBO series ‘The Idol,’ in which she had a role. This opportunity not only showcased her talent as an actress but also placed her in the international spotlight. Fans and the media wondered if V’s presence in France was somehow connected to Jennie’s involvement in Cannes.


Blackpink Jennie Dating BTS V

BTS V and Jennie Dating Official Statement from Agencies

Amid the dating rumors, fans eagerly awaited official statements from V’s agency, HYBE, and Jennie’s agency, YG Entertainment.

However, both agencies chose not to address the issue publicly on the day the video surfaced. The decision to remain silent only fueled speculation, leaving fans and the media to draw their conclusions. The absence of a clear statement from the agencies allowed the dating rumors to persist and gather more attention.



Jennie and V Dating FAQs

Ques: Are V and Jennie officially dating?

Ans: Neither V nor Jennie’s agencies have made an official statement confirming or denying their relationship. The dating rumors remain unverified.

Ques: How did the dating rumors between Jennie and BTS V start?

Ans: The impact of dating rumors on artists’ careers varies depending on the circumstances and the response from fans. Fans need to support their favorite idols and respect their personal lives.