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Armita Geravand
Quick Info
Real NameArmita Geravand.
Birth DateApril 2, 2006.
Birth PlaceTehran, Iran.
ParentsFather: Bahman Geravand.
Mother: Shahin Ahmadi.
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 4.5".
In centimeters: 163.8 cm.
In meters: 1.63 m.

All About Iranian girl Armita Geravand 

Armita Geravand (age 17, born April 2, 2006) is an Iranian girl who became the victim of the strict Hijab laws of Iran. According to insiders, Armita found herself in a harrowing physical confrontation with the Iranian morality police due to her refusal to adhere to the compulsory hijab rules.

The clash between personal freedom and the state’s strict guidelines was inevitable. However, the Islamic Republic of Iran authorities have vehemently denied any such physical altercations with Armita.

But disturbing allegations have emerged that her family faced very public threats, and the Kurdish activist group Hangaw has gone on record to claim that her mother was arrested in connection to the incident.

The shocking twist in this tale is the release of CCTV footage that has shed light on the traumatic ordeal Armita endured. The footage revealed that she ended up in the ICU of an Army hospital, her young life hanging in the balance after suffering an intracranial hemorrhage. What happened to Armita happened to Mahsa Amini in September 2022.

The latest reports have sent shockwaves as Iranian state media announced the devastating news that she has been declared brain dead. This heartbreaking story is one that reminds us of the importance of personal freedom and the human rights battles still faced by many in different corners of the world.



Armita Geravand being dragged out of train

Armita Geravand’s CCTV Footage

Soon after Armita Geravand was beaten by Iran Police, a CCTV footage started circulating on the internet. In this deeply unsettling video, we see Armita entering a train with her hair uncovered, a direct violation of Iran’s strict hijab requirements. What comes next is truly troubling.

The footage shows Armita becoming unconscious and being carried away by compassionate passengers who lay her down on the platform. This heart-wrenching moment has sent shockwaves around the globe.

Oddly, despite reports that many trains in Tehran have multiple security cameras, there is no available footage from inside the train. The absence of this vital evidence only deepens the mystery surrounding this tragic episode.


Iranian girl Armita Geravand

False Narrative By Iranian Police

In a brave act of defiance against Iran’s notorious record of evidence manipulation and witness intimidation, two fearless eyewitnesses have stepped into the spotlight to share what they saw unfold in the Armita Geravand case.

These courageous individuals, whose identities must be protected, provided a chilling firsthand account of the entire incident. They disclosed that Armita was subjected to a physical assault by metro officers who were enforcing the mandatory hijab rule.

This shocking revelation places the incident either before or after her entry into the train at Shohada station. On the flip side, Iranian authorities are singing a different tune.

According to them, they claim that Armita suffered a heart attack while in police custody and was already in a coma by the time she was transferred to the hospital.


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Parents Forced to Say Make Statements

On April 2, 2006, Armita Geravand (age 17) was born to her parents Bahman Geravand and Shahin Ahmadi in Iran. Growing up in Tehran she’s just like any other school student, navigating the ups and downs of teenage life. But Armita’s life took a shocking turn on a fateful day when she was on her way to school with friends.

It was a journey that would leave an indelible mark on her and spark a controversy that’s captured global attention. The catalyst? Armita’s hair was uncovered, a direct violation of Iran’s strict hijab rules. This led to a harrowing encounter with the Iranian morality police, who took it upon themselves to enforce the mandatory hijab.

The situation quickly escalated, with Armita allegedly being physically assaulted by these officers. The injuries she sustained were so severe that she had to be rushed to the hospital. Iranian officials, however, tell a different story, claiming she fainted due to low blood sugar.


Armita Geravand in hospital

The stark contrast between these accounts only deepens the mystery surrounding this incident. Adding to the intrigue, there were surveillance cameras inside the train, but the inside CCTV footage remains under wraps, leaving many unanswered questions. As news of Armita’s injuries spread, activists rallied for the government to allow journalists to speak with her friends and family.

However, the state media took a different approach, releasing video interviews with her parents, who appeared visibly distraught. Armita’s mother, Shahin Ahmadi, struggled to find the words, stating, “I think they said her blood pressure fell,” as she recounted the tragic incident.

She claimed that her daughter fell on the floor, hitting her head on the subway’s edge. Her mother also asserted that the video footage from inside the subway car didn’t support the controversial narrative.



Armita Geravand FAQs

Ques: How old is Armita Geravand?

Ans: 17.

Ques: Who are Armita Geravand’s parents?

Ans: Bahman Geravand and Shahin Ahmadi.

Ques: Is Armita Geravand alive.

Ans: She was declared brain dead.