Australia showed sea power to China along with India

Australia showed sea power to China along with India

There has been a long period of friction between India and China. There have been several attempts by India to fix the problem, but China is still not desisting from its antics. China is actively seeking to conquer the Pacific Ocean area of India.

Austria has also joined forces with India to hold China under control in this region. India and Australia are beginning bilateral naval drills together. This naval drill to the east of the Indian Ocean will take place on 23 and 24 September.

Before Australia, India had carried out certain naval maneuvers with the United States and Japan. All this unfolded in the middle of a Ladakh dispute in China. The Indian Navy and the Royal Australian Navy are both going to be part of this naval activity.

According to the details, this naval exercise will include the HMAS Hobart from Australia, while the INS Sahyadri and INS Staff will comprise India.

Along with this, all Navy helicopters will also be entering this partnership agreement. In the coming years, Australia may become part of the Malabar Naval Manoeuvre. India and America have been part of this.

Japan has also been active since 2015. It can even be applied to it now. If this occurs, it will prove to be a significant drawback to China’s expansionist agenda in the Indo-Pacific Region.