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Aya Baraket
Quick Info
Real NameAya Baraket.
In NewsTore Posters of Missing Israeli Children.
Birth Date2001.
Birth PlaceBeirut, Lebanon.
Lives inQueens, New York, America.
ParentsFather: Hasan Bakaret.
Mother: --
SiblingsSister: Dana Baraket.
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 6".
In centimeters: 167.6 cm.
In meters: 1.67 m.
CollegeQueensborough Community College
Works AsBarista.

All About New York Woman Aya Baraket

Aya Baraket (age 22, born in 2001) is a Lebanese-American hailing from the bustling borough of Queens, New York, who has found herself in the spotlight for a brazen daylight incident.

Recently in October 2023, Aya and her sister, Dana, made headlines when they were caught red-handed in the Upper West Side of NYC, tearing down posters depicting innocent children who had been kidnapped by Hamas terrorists.


New York Woman Aya Baraket

As concerned onlookers attempted to intervene and put a stop to the Baraket sisters’ destructive actions, they were met with a barrage of abusive language from both women. Little did they know, their every move was being captured on video, and the footage quickly made its way to Twitter.

Thanks to the power of social media, netizens across the world joined forces to help identify Aya and Dana. The fallout from this shocking incident was swift and far-reaching.

The story gained such traction that Aya and Dana’s faces graced the cover of newspapers, accompanied by scathing headlines. In this comprehensive article, we delve into everything you need to know about Aya and her sister’s audacious actions, so keep reading for the full scoop.


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Aya Baraket Wikipedia

Foolish Act in Broad Daylight

Aya Baraket and Dana Baraket, the notorious New York sisters, have made a sensational splash on the front page of a leading newspaper, all thanks to a shocking video capturing their ruthless act of tearing down posters depicting kidnapped children in Israel.

The Baraket siblings were caught in the act on the bustling streets of the Upper West Side in New York City, their brazen actions recorded for all to see. Aya, donning a distinctive tan turtleneck, didn’t hold back, unleashing a profanity-laden tirade on the camera person, shouting, “Fk you, fk Israel.”

Not to be outdone, her sister Dana, sporting a green jacket, also made her voice heard, with a matching barrage of expletives, exclaiming, “Fk you b*tch… fk you and Israel.” Their bold and hateful outbursts swiftly ignited a firestorm of controversy.

The video of the Baraket sisters’ unapologetic hatred for Israel garnered intense scrutiny from the online community, with netizens vehemently condemning their blatant anti-Semitic sentiments.

The heat turned up even more when StopAntisemitism caught wind of the incident, taking to their social media platforms to enlist the help of vigilant netizens in identifying the two women, whose names were initially shrouded in mystery.



Aya Baraket's sister Dana Baraket

Could Not Escape The Netizens

On November 1, 2023, @StopAntisemitism shared a video on its Twitter account, and it quickly gained traction with over 4.9 million views. It appeared that Dana and her sister Aya Baraket believed they could go unnoticed and escape any consequences for their actions.

However, the power of social media and the vigilance of the online community prevailed, and the identities of these two individuals were revealed. The video of their behavior struck a nerve with viewers, leading to widespread outrage.

Many people are now calling for strong measures to be taken against both sisters. Some are even urging Aya’s employer, who owns a coffee shop, to consider taking action against her in light of the video’s content.



Anti-Israel activist Aya Baraket

What Do We Know About Aya Baraket?

In 2001, Aya Baraket (age 22) was born in a Muslim family in Lebanon. Our sources tell us that she spent her formative years in Beirut, where she completed her schooling before embarking on a journey to the United States.

Aya’s sister, Dana, also made the move to America in pursuit of a brighter future than their homeland could offer. Upon their arrival in the United States, Aya chose to call Queens, New York, her new home, where she already had some family connections.

As per Aya’s LinkedIn profile (which has since been removed), she enrolled at Queensborough Community College in 2019 and is currently on track to graduate in 2024.



Aya Baraket FAQs

Ques: How old is Aya Baraket?

Ans: Aya is 22.

Ques: Where does Aya Baraket live?

Ans: Queens, New York, America.

Ques: What is the name of Aya Baraket’s sister?

Ans: Dana Baraket.

Ques: From where is Aya Baraket, originally?

Ans: Beirut, Lebanon.