Bhuvneshwar Kumar will not be seen in IPL 2020 this is the big reason

Bhuvneshwar Kumar will not be seen in IPL 2020 this is the big reason

Bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar of Sunrisers Hyderabad is out of the game. The Sunrisers Hyderabad official confirmed the news in an exchange with ANI. Where the official said that Bhuvneshwar Kumar will not be able to play anymore in this tournament due to hip injury.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar is one of the largest and most dangerous bowlers of the IPL. His departure from the tournament can add to the IPL’s fun. Now let me tell you that the team’s most accomplished bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar was injured in the IPL game against the Chennai Super Kings on Friday.

Bhuvneshwar had difficulty heading to the run-up until tossing the second ball of the 19th, during which team physio Evan Speechly gave him some care by coming into the field, but he did not get any change in Bhuvneshwar ‘s situation, and he was out of the game. It was seen heading out.

Khalil Ahmed finished the over in place of Bhuvi after he was out of the game. Earlier, he was attending preparation at the National Cricket Academy to emerge from his injury sustained during the 2018 IPL.

Bhuvneshwar Kumar was not fully fit when he visited Australia at the end of 2018. Let me inform you that if Bhuvneshwar Kumar does not recover fast, it will also become an issue for the management of the Indian team.



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