Bihar Election 2020: These are the preparations of JDU-RJD for elections Virtual rally promote

Bihar Election 2020_ These are the preparations of JDU-RJD for elections Virtual rally promote

Election dates are declared in Bihar. Through the declaration, each Group would insist on attracting as many voters as possible. But in the Corona era, direct contact with people isn’t going to be that easy.

Because of Corona, this time, several significant improvements have been made to the contest. This time, substantial rallies and roadshows would not be feasible, and this is why there is hope this time to be more focused on virtual rally and publicity in Bihar.

All the groups also planned it on their own. In the elections in Bihar, the BJP made full arrangements for virtual campaigning. More than 70 thousand LED TVs have already been arranged for simulated ads.

The BJP insists that most of these LED TVs may come from party members’ houses. Besides, the BJP has also sent 150 publicity chariots across Bihar, whose task would be to make the speeches of the leaders at the Galli Chowk intersections directly visible to the voters.

In addition to interactive ads, BJP is now paying particular attention to social media. According to the details, the party has been directly linked to four Crore people across one and a half Lakh WhatsApp groups.

It is said that PM Modi himself will organize about three dozen virtual rallies in this election. Home Minister Amit Shah will also attend a significant number of simulated meetings.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar began his campaign by organizing a virtual rally in Bihar on 7 September. JDU has also built a JDU Live app to link people to a virtual rally.

So far, the party has added 31 lakh users to WhatsApp. Talking about the opposition, the RJD’s war room is also ready. Tejashwi Tej Pratap and former Chief Minister Rabri Devi are continually communicating with party workers through Twitter and Facebook.

Tejashwi is always talking to people on Facebook Live. Apart from this, separate WhatsApp groups were created at the district block and the state level.

Around the same time, special arrangements have been made for the Congress’ interactive initiative. To date, the Group has held almost 40 virtual meetings discussed by national leaders.

These preparations have made it clear that this time, the confidence of the technical parties to campaign for the elections in Bihar, which will win the power in this planning, will be in control in Bihar.