Bihar Elections 2020: Are Chirag Paswan at a big risk like 2014

Bihar Elections 2020: Are Chirag Paswan at a big risk like 2014

Almost every political party has cleared its place in the elections to the Bihar Assembly. Prior to the election, Jitan Ram Manjhi lifted his Ham Party clan from the Grand Alliance and joined the NDA.

Upendra Kushwaha has kept his stance clear on Tuesday. Neither in the Grand Alliance nor in the NDA. He formed a new front with Mayawati’s BSP. Everyone made their stance clear. The mood of Chirag Paswan is not known.

However, it is continuously being said on behalf of the leaders of the BJP that the LJP will fight the polls with the NDA and that they are all together. But this was not stamped by Chirag Paswan.

It is said that Chirag Paswan is not pleased with the NDA split. There is a chance that Chirag Paswan may take the risk of withdrawing from the NDA if he does not have a seat.

The selection process for the first step of the elections to the Bihar Assembly will begin on 1 October. Voting for seats will be achieved by writing in the first process, but the LJP has not yet taken its place.

It is said from the reports that LJP has been given some 27 seats. Chirag Paswan did not consent to his seats, as the LJP was told that the seats given to him were not his preference.

The LJP is contesting the seat of its choosing and is not in the mood for any concession on the matter. Chirag Paswan has also recently met with BJP National President JP Nadda and Bihar BJP in charge of Bhupendra Yadav. But the question of the LJP within the NDA has not been addressed.

In the meantime, though, so much has changed that the LJP has minimized the political assaults on JDU and Nitish Kumar. The AGP is seen as a promising development in the course of this negotiation.

In the 2015 elections to the Bihar Assembly, BJP elected candidates for 42 seats. At the time, the screws were not intertwined in the seats because JDU was split from the NDA alliance and BJP wanted a good relationship.

However, despite running for 42 votes, the LJP won just two seats. JDU and RJD, who were part of the grand coalition, had badly defeated the NDA.

Now the political situation has changed somewhat, with JDU returning to the NDA. The AGP has declared that it would appoint candidates for 143 seats in the state if they do not secure seats as per their wishes. It is not easy, however, for LJP to take such a major risk.

It is believed that the LJP representatives themselves do not want the group to split from the NDA and contest the elections. Meanwhile, LJP President Chirag Paswan lauded the leadership of the BJP. Experts say that if the LJP chooses to challenge the NDA in the polls in Bihar, it will not run its candidate against the BJP.

At the same time, the BJP is doing its hardest not to let the LJP exit the NDA to fight the polls, so that the LJP has been given seats in the Legislative Council.

The President of the AGP Chirag Paswan and the Party Tutor Ram Vilas Paswan is admitted to the hospital. The compromise on the topic of seat-sharing has become more complicated due to his sickness.

Just before the election of Lok Sabha in 2014, Chirag Paswan had offered his aunt, Ram Vilas Paswan, the idea of contesting an election with the NDA. Ram Vilas Paswan also publicly thanked Chirag Paswan for this tactic after the success of the elections.

Once again, Chirag Paswan is in the mood to take a major change, but this time it’s not as easy.