Bob Odenkirk’s Nobody Movie Review, Budget & Box Office Record

Why watch Bob Odenkirk’s film Nobody

American people are very keen to see American actor Bob Odenkirk’s new movie. “Nobody” is directed by Ilya Naishuller and stars Bob Odenkirk as a guy Hutch Mansell that “Nobody” looks twice at.

He seems to have an ordinary life, with a caring family, a wife, two children he cares for, and an older father’s role as David Mansell in a care home, played by Christopher Lloyd.

He boasts a remarkable range of powers, which he plans to unleash on a slew of unsuspecting bad guys. In certain respects, this is a movie story similar we’ve seen before in many action films.

The writer of this film, Derek Kolstad, also wrote the previous three John Wick Chapters.

What does Make Nobody Movie Unique 

One of the best factors is Bob Odenkirk’s inclusion in the casting for the ass-kicker character that we would never have seen in previous years to see how he is crushing the bad guys.

You can see this guy killing people in horrific ways constantly. He impresses so much in the film. we loved him in the movie. He is easily the reason to see it.

This is something we’ve heard quite a bit recently. You bring an actor who is mainly known for one thing and cast him in a strange, violent adventure or horror film.

The villain and the film are also evil. He is, though, a karaoke singing man that would kill you if you say the wrong thing and then go sing karaoke. It reminds you of how God can forgive.


This movie is a little different. It begins as a bracelet, then gradually transforms into something more. It seems that the film was created by accident.

Several coincidences had to happen for the film to play out, but it doesn’t sound polished from a plot standpoint. There is almost no depth to be found in the film.

Where to watch Nobody 2021, Budget & Box Office Record\

The budget was $ 16 million to make this film, and after landing on 2,460 theaters on the first day, the movie grossed $ 2.5 million; Bob Odenkirk’s film Nobody has grossed 11.7 million on the international level.