Botswana Elephants Death Reason Hundreds of elephants died in Botswana South africa

Botswana Elephants Death Reason Hundreds of elephants died in Botswana South africa

In Botswana, South Africa considered a refuge of elephants in the country, the news of the deaths of more than three and a half hundred elephants came to light a few months ago. The tragic death of such a huge number of elephants caught the attention of the whole world.

At the point, nobody understood the reason behind the death of elephants in such vast numbers. But the reason for these deaths has now been established. It is said that the elephants died because of the presence of cyanobacteria in the water.

The bodies of hundreds of elephants were seen in the Botswana forests in July. During which satellite pictures surfaced in a vast number of elephant corpses were seen in the woods all over. Since then, the Government of Botswana has been involved in investigating the unexplained death of elephants.

Given the lack of drought-like weather, this issue of the sudden mortality of such a massive number of elephants in the world was a surprise to many. There was a lot of speculation on social media worldwide.

In May, the first case of elephant deaths in this way was revealed. This pattern persisted, and by the end of June, the death toll of elephants had increased to 350.

According to Cyril Talas, Deputy Director of the Department of Wildlife Fund National Park, the rotting carcasses of more than three hundred and fifty elephants were spread throughout North Botswana and its Okavango delta.

Since the case emerged in May, around 170 elephants were found dead within a few days. By mid-June, the number of elephant deaths had doubled. Of this, 70% of the elephants were killed near the bodies of water.

Cyril said the analysis noted that there were cyanobacteria in the water that killed the elephants due to poisoning.