Britain raged against China, Taiwan also against Dragon

Britain raged against China, Taiwan also against Dragon

Britain has raised the front against expansionism in China. Indeed, China is increasingly growing pressure on Barbados to oust the Queen of Britain from the title of the constitutional head of the government.

Barbados is part of China’s Belt and Road, for which China owes him billions of dollars. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has launched a movement against Chinese expansionism. Britain is now standing up to crush the dragon’s harmful creations. China’s plot to affect developing countries by incurring debt loads is well known.

Dragon already stuck Barbados’ Caribbean nation earlier in his debt bind, and now he wants to show his grandeur and rule it according to his will. Britain has opened the front against Beijing expansionism, leaving poor and weak islands locked in the grasp of China.

China increased the pressure on Barbados to remove the Queen of Britain from the title of the constitutional head of the country. Barbados was involved in China’s Belt and Road initiative, under which China lent large amounts of loans to undeveloped countries for infrastructure projects such as ports and highspeed rail lines.

The US shared an intelligence report with Britain, describing how China is pressuring Barbados for this. In fact, China wants Barbados to cut its link with Britain completely, to put the person of its choice on the throne, and then run its rule indirectly.

On many fronts, the already besieged China Korea may also have to be dragged away from Britain. America has already opened a front against China, so China’s tension with India continues.

At the moment, the dragon appears to be completely trapped in its trap.

Tensions have erupted in China and Taiwan; China is on fire, so now Taiwan has given a befitting reply. Taiwan responded to China’s jackal attack with its maneuvers. Actually, for the last several days, the Chinese Army has been conducting maneuvers along the border with Taiwan.

Responding to China in the same language, the Taiwanese Army started a pie drill under China’s nose. The Taiwanese military made direct warnings to China by maneuvering the destroyer killers.

According to the Taiwanese Ministry of Defense, these operations were conducted at the Monsoon Security Command in Xi’an County, which is very close to the mainland of China. During this time, Taiwan’s troops fired their guns and improved anti-landing plans.

At this activity, the Taiwanese Army used the 240 mm M One Howitzer Gun to attack enemy ships. In the anti-land maneuvers, enemy hovercraft and warships are attacked from land to sea on their own. Nowadays, China is repeatedly threatening to attack Taiwan. If the Chinese Army is going to fire in some region of Taiwan, it will have to take the aid of the landing craft.