Buy gold Malabar Gold and Diamonds at similar rates across India

Buy gold Malabar Gold and Diamonds at similar rates across India

Golden Diamond Jewelry retail chain Malabar Gold & Diamonds has announced the introduction of One India One Gold Rate. Under this initiative, the company is offering a uniform price of 100% BIS hallmarked gold in all states across the country.

Buy gold anywhere in India at one price. Ahmed MP, chairman of the Malabar Group, has said that the Covid-19 epidemic caused great turmoil in the entire sector. However, the demand for gold remains constant during this period. This shows how many Indian consumers favor gold for saving and creating wealth.

He also stated that the objective of our One India Gold Rate initiative is to protect the interests of the consumer by providing a uniform gold rate without compromising purity.

Customers are engaged in preparations for Dhanteras and Deepawali. Because of this, the company will implement the Uniform Gold Pricing initiative in one hundred and twenty showrooms in the country. The statement issued by the company said that the old offers related to zero percent deduction on the exchange and the best price on the buyback will continue as before.

Gold and silver prices are expected to rise significantly by Deepawali. Gold can reach a level of 65 thousand rupees per ten grams.

According to experts, silver can reach the price of 70 to 75 thousand rupees per kg. But meanwhile, One India One Gold Rate was announced from Malabar Golden and Diamond.