Coronavirus Update Can die during the Swab test This woman narrowly survived

Can die during the Swab test This woman narrowly survived

Millions of people around the world have lost their lives as a result of the coronary virus outbreak. In the meantime, another surprising news is coming out. This case is spreading quickly to social media.

In reality, a woman came to America to investigate the coronavirus. After the swab examination, something happened to the woman you’re going to be surprised about. Corona is not identified after the swab examination, but the head of the woman’s skull was damaged.

The woman is around 40 years of age. After a swab test in the hospital, the woman felt intense pain in her nose, and the fluid began pouring out of her nose.

After review, it was found that the scab used in the swab test had weakened the outer gauge of her skull. Because of this, the brain fluid began to leak out of his nose.

It is confirmed that the health of the woman is now better, but if her medication was not administered at the right time, there may have been a live commercial infection in her brain. Taking lessons from this, hospitals need to educate their workers all about the research process.

People can only be checked by experts. In specific, focus needs to be paid to people who have had skull-related surgery or who have a sinus infection.

Tell us that it was reported that the stick used in the swab test was collecting samples by going to the blood-brain barrier. However, this assertion has not yet been proven to be accurate. People are conducting an unpleasant swab examination to scan for coronavirus.