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Candy Montgomery


Public NameCandy Montgomery.
Birth NameCandace Wheeler.
Age71 years old.
Birth Date1951.
Birth PlaceLucas, Texas.
Lives inGeorgia.
Love Life
Marital StatusDivorced.
Ex-husbandPat Montgomery.
ChildrenDaughter: Jenny.
Son: Ian.
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 49.4.
Pounds: 108.9 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5'4.4".
In centimeters: 163.57 cm.
In meters: 1.63 m.
Past ProfessionCertified Therapist.
Family counselor.

Candy Montgomery Biography

71-years-old Candy Montgomery (born in 1951) is a Texan woman who was involved in one of the most dramatic trials in the history of America. In the 1980s, she was accused of murdering her ex-lover’s wife Betty Gore but after a dramatic trial in the final verdict, court exonerated her from all the charges. In 2022 upon releasing a Hulu biographical crime drama named “Candy,” people started talking about the case again.

If you want to know who Candy Montgomery was, where she lives, what she does for a living, or what was the case exactly, then this Celebsweek article is for you. So we suggest reading this article till the end.


Betty Gore

A Little About Betty Gore and Candy Montgomery?

In 1951, Candy Montgomery (age 71 years) was born in Lucas, Texas, at her mother and father’s villa. Her dad was in the Army, so she spent her life moving from place to place as an army brat.

When Candace was 18 years old, she met an engineer named Pat and got married a few years after an affair. In 1973 they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Jenny, and a year later, they got blessed with a son named Ian. They bought a house in Wylie and started living there. Candace had everything in life that an average person dreams of.

On the other hand, Betty Gore was a teacher whose husband Allan was also an engineer at Rockwell International, just like Pat. Betty and Allan had a daughter named Alisa, a true friend of Candy’s daughter, Jenny.


Candy Montgomery going for court hearing

Candy’s Affair With Betty Gore’s Husband Allan

Mrs. Montgomery had everything in her life, but she wanted a little adventure in her life. One day in 1978, at the Volleyball court of First United Methodist Church, Candace and Allan ran into each other. Their giggles during the match turned into flirtation, and a few days later, they began dating each other secretly. They both used to meet in Richardson at a Motel named Como.

This affair involved not only regular meets but also recreational sex. Their love meeting continued until Allan’s wife Betty gave birth to a daughter named Bethany. After the second daughter’s birth, Gore’s husband broke his relationship with Candy.


Candy Montgomery Wikipedia

Why did Candace Montgomery murder, Betty Gore?

It was June 13, 1980, Gore’s husband Allan was off for a business trip to Minnesota, and their elder daughter was spending time with Candy’s daughter Jenny. Mrs. Montgomery came to Betty’s to pick swimsuit of Alice. As per reports, Gore asked Candice about her affair with Allan, which led to a struggle.

During the court hearing, Candice told the judges that Betty got infuriated and attacked her with an ax causing a deep cut on Candice’s toe, so in self-defense, she pushed Bet and repeatedly attacked 41 times on her head, torso, and arms.

Betty Gore and Allan Gore's House

Later Betty’s husband called her, but nobody picked up the phone, so he got doubtful and called his neighbor. So three men named Richard Parker, Lester Gayler, and Jerry McMahan visited Allan’s house to check if Betty’s car was in the garage or not. They eventually entered the house, and, in their words, they saw “thick, congealed reddish-brown oceans of blood glistening on the tile.” Later, police came on the scene and found betty mutilated and drenched in blood.

While investigating the scene, police officers saw a trail of footprints suggesting either it was a youngster or a lady. When Montgomery was asked if she knew anything, she revealed that a night before the murder, she was at Betty’s, and in the morning, she swung by to pick up some clothes that they mistakenly left.

Later, Allan came out of the shadow and told chief investigator Steven Defibaugh about his extra-marital affair with Candy. Because of Betty’s husband’s statement, Candy became a prime suspect, and on June 27, 1980, she got arrested.


Candy Montgomery leaves court in 1980

Trial Against Candy Montgomery

There were pieces of evidence against Candice, and her cunning lawyer Don Crowder decided to prove that Betty attacked Candice first, causing a wound on her foot, and Candice attacked only in self-defense.

Don also made arrangements for a hypnosis testimony. A psychiatrist named Dr. Fred Fason experienced hypnotist was called. A jury of 9 people, including six women and three men, sat and observed the hypnosis testimony. After three hours of hypnotizing, Candice said, “I hit her. I hit her. I hit her.”

In the end, Dr. Fred testified that Candy’s encounter with Betty had triggered some unresolved childhood psychological issues under the influence of which she killed Mrs. Gore. When it came time for the court to give a final verdict, judges exonerated Candy from all the charges.


Candy Montgomery with her husband Pat Montgomery

Where is Candy Montgomery Now?

Betty Gore’s Murder’s tragic incident destroyed many lives and broke many relationships. Pat Montgomery was with Candy throughout the trial,  but their marriage ended after a divorce. Candice left the town and started living in Dawsonville, Georgia.

There she did a certification course in family counseling and currently works as a certified therapist and family counselor. Betty Gore’s husband Allan also left the town and got remarried.


Jessica Biel as Candy Montgomery in Candy

Hulu’s Mini-Series

In 2022, Robin Veith and Nick Antosca came up with a short series named “Candy.” The makers of this show tried to explain the whole case with fantastic cinematography. Jessica Biel played the role of Candy Montgomery, whereas Melanie Lynskey portrayed the character of Betty Gore. Pablo Schreiber and Timothy Simons are also in the show playing Allan Gore and Pat Montgomery, respectively.

After the release of the serial on May 9 on Hulu, it received an overwhelming response from the audience. People loved how each actor played their part perfectly, especially Biel.


Candy Montgomery Q&A

Ques: Where does Candy Montgomery now?

Ans: In Dawsonville, Georgia.

Ques: How did Candy Montgomery get caught?

Ans: She got caught after Allan told the police about his affair with her.

Ques: How much is Candy Montgomery’s age?

Ans: She is 71 as of 2022.

Ques: Is the Hulu series “Candy” based on actual events?

Ans: Yes, it is based on a true story.

Ques: Why was Candy Montgomery acquitted?

Ans: A jury of judges set her free after the hypnosis testimony.

Ques: Who played Candy Montgomery in “Candy”?

Ans: Jessica Biel.