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Cecily Aguilar

Quick Info

Real NameCecily Anne Aguilar.
Arrested forVanessa Guillen Murder.
Sentenced for30 years.
Birth DateAugust 06, 1999.
Birth PlaceJackson, Michigan.
Birth signLeo.
Love Life
BoyfriendLate. Aaron Robinson.
Ex-HusbandKeon Devonte Aguilar.
ParentsMother: --
Father: --
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 1".
In centimeters: 154 cm.
In meters: 1.54 m.
WeightKg: 70.
Pound: 154 lbs.
HairRed Blonde.
Social media
SchoolNapoleon Community School.
Columbia Options High School.


Cecily Aguilar Information Report

All About Vanessa Guillen Murder Suspect Cecily Aguilar

Cecily Aguilar (age: 24, born August 06, 1999) is a woman hailing from Jackson, Michigan. In 2021, her name became associated with a deeply unsettling and tragic event – the murder of Vanessa Guillén.

The chain of events that led to Cecily Aguilar’s notoriety began when Vanessa Guillén, a young and promising soldier, went missing.

As authorities delved into the investigation, it was revealed that Cecily had a connection to Aaron Robinson, a soldier who eventually took his own life after being confronted about Vanessa’s disappearance.

A shocking revelation emerged – Cecily was alleged to have played a crucial role in the gruesome aftermath of Vanessa Guillén’s death.

Authorities stated that Cecily assisted Robinson in dismembering and burying Vanessa’s body, a crime that horrified the public and sent shockwaves through the community.



Cecily Aguilar sentenced for 30 years in federal prison

Cecily Aguilar Was Arrested on July 1, 2021

Cecily’s life took a fateful turn on July 13, 2021, when she was apprehended by law enforcement in Bell County, Texas. The evidence pointed towards her involvement in the cover-up of Vanessa Guillén’s murder.

It was reported that Cecily cooperated with officials, providing information that aided them in building their case against Robinson. Tragically, this cooperation came shortly before Robinson’s own demise.


Vanessa Guillen Murderer Cecily Aguilar

In the eyes of the law, Cecily Aguilar’s actions were subject to legal proceedings. She was charged with a third-degree felony and indicted on multiple counts, including conspiracy to tamper with evidence.

Her legal journey culminated on November 29, 2022, when Cecily made a significant decision – she pleaded guilty. She acknowledged her role as an accessory to murder after the fact, as well as making false statements.

The conclusion of this dark chapter arrived on August 14, 2023, when Cecily faced the consequences of her actions. She was sentenced to a maximum of 30 years in prison for her involvement in the cover-up of Vanessa Guillén’s murder.


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Cecily Aguilar Boyfriend Aaron Robinson

Cecily Aguilar Dated Aaron Robinson

Cecily Aguilar has a history tied to Aaron Robinson, a former soldier linked to the Fort Hood military base. In a somewhat complicated relationship, she was once married to a soldier named Keon Devonte Aguilar, who had connections to Fort Hood.

However, she later became friends with Aaron Robinson on Facebook. Interestingly, she had two Facebook profiles, one under Cecily Brown and the other under Cecily Aguilar, connected to Robinson.

At a point in time, she lived together with Robinson. He had moved in with Cecily and her then-husband, Keon Devonte Aguilar, in December 2019.

Initially, she introduced Robinson to a friend as a friend of her ex-husband Keon. But as time went on, it became clear that her marriage was facing difficulties, according to what her friend Ayrren Clough shared. Eventually, she left her husband’s home, and Robinson moved out with her.

According to statements made by Natalie Khawam, the Guillen family’s attorney, officials informed her that Cecily Aguilar was Aaron Robinson’s girlfriend and that she had some involvement in the disappearance of Vanessa Guillen.


Cecily Aguilar wikipedia

Reportedly, officials possessed evidence implicating Robinson from the very day Vanessa went missing. They alleged that Aguilar had a role in helping Robinson hide and bury Vanessa’s body.

The authorities’ complaint stated that Aguilar and Robinson lived together in a place not associated with the military base.

On February 22, Aguilar mentioned being in a relationship on her Facebook account. In June, she shared a photo with a message that read: “Your soulmate is the person who mends your Broken Heart by simply giving you, Theirs.”

Interestingly, her ex-husband posted on social media about a week before Robinson’s death that he had been shot at, and some documents had stopped the bullet.

Tragically, Aaron Robinson took his own life when authorities approached him in Killeen, Texas. They wanted to question him regarding Vanessa Guillen’s disappearance.



Vanessa Guillen Murder Suspect Cecily Aguilar

Cecily Anne Aguilar’s Parents and Early Life

Cecily Aguilar was born in Jackson, Michigan, on August 6, 1999. She also went by the name Cecily Brown. When she was a little kid, she lived in Jackson County.

She attended Napoleon Community School from fourth to eighth grade, meaning she was there from about 9 to 13 years old. Then, in 2017, she graduated from Columbia Options High School. That’s the same year she finished high school.

But In 2019, Cecily decided to start a new chapter in her life. She moved to a different place called Killeen, which is in Texas. She made this change official through records and her social media pages.


Cecily Aguilar biography



Cecily Aguilar FAQs

Ques: What is Cecily Aguilar’s age?

Ans: As of 2023, she is 24 years old.

Ques: How many years was sentenced to Cecily Aguilar?

Ans: She has been sentenced to 30 years in federal prison.

Ques: Who was Cecily Aguilar’s ex-husband?

Ans: Keon Devonte Aguilar.

Ques: Who was Cecily Aguilar’s Boyfriend?

Ans: Aaron Robinson.