China gets a chance to hit back when Donald Trump is Corona Positive

China gets a chance to hit back when Donald Trump is Corona Positive

The global market is hot in the face of US President Donald Trump’s came to positive Corona. When the American economist wrinkled on his forehead, the Chinese were given the greatest chance to make the trump when they saw the news.

As soon as the news of Trump and his wife Melania being a supportive Corona came out, the Chinese became really tired of cashing in on the chance. Donald Trump has been a very violent Chinese since the beginning of Corona.

Trump didn’t lose a chance on the world stage when he wasn’t whipping China. Donald himself did not seem to have been more concerned about the Corona outbreak. The editor of the Chinese government publication Global Times tweeted that President Trump and the First Lady had paid the price for treating the COVID 19 lightly.

The news reveals that there is a dangerous level of disease in America. This would paint a derogatory picture of the United States and Trump and could have an impact on their re-election. Explain that Trump continuously suspected China of covering the Corona outbreak statistics and even pointed to WHO involvement.

Trump said his cabinet meeting on Friday was optimistic on Twitter. Trump has been admitted to Walter Reed Hospital in Maryland. Mild fever, cold, and some difficulties in breathing have been recorded.

Today, some of Trump’s tests will be finished, and he’ll have to stay in the hospital for a couple of days. Earlier, President Donald Trump’s near female assistant Hope Hicks was discovered afflicted with Coronavirus.

Let me tell you that US President Donald Trump has been continuously attacking China for coronavirus infection and calling it the Chinese virus.