China’s Cat Que Virus can become a threat to the world [Update]

China's Cat Que Virus can become a threat to the world

Around three and a half million people worldwide and more than six million people in India have been afflicted with coronary artery virus. Another virus from China that spreads coronary viruses may pose a threat to the planet. ICMR that is. The Indian Medical Research Council has warned about this.

The name of this virus is CQV i.e, Cat Que Virus yah, most of which is transmitted by pigs and mosquitoes, and according to ICMR, it can spread the disease in India as well. Scientists at the National Institute of Virology, Pune, performed a serum test of 883 people worldwide.

Two of which have CQV antibodies that mean that people have become infected with this infection. It is stated that these samples were taken in Karnataka in 2014 and 2017.

Scientists have also examined mosquitoes found in India, where it was found that Indian mosquitoes are susceptible to the virus of Cat Que. This means that it will become corrupted and spread to humans again.

It was also listed in the latest Indian Journal of Medical Science. CQV is one of the viruses transmitted by insects, spiders, mosquito, fly cockroach Scorpio, bug, etc.

The ICMR team has now begun researching this virus to prevent a new epidemic in India. The same Baat coronavirus has passed the 60 million mark across the world. The cumulative death toll has been more than 95 thousand. So far, around 48 lakh people have recovered from Corona.