Coach Shane Bond is planning to stop KL Rahul IPL 2020 [Update]

Coach Shane Bond is planning to stop KL Rahul IPL 2020

Kings XI Captain L Rahul of Punjab is in a formidable form. He has scored more than two hundred runs in the league of the season so far and is also the keeper of Orange Jersey. Now that he’s going down against the Mumbai Indians, he’s going to have to face the good preparation of the opposing squad.

In reality, Mumbai Indians bowling coach Shane Bond said Wednesday that his team’s target in today’s game will be Kings XI Punjab captain Lokesh Rahul. Rahul is a batsman who has the potential to score runs across the ground.

Opener Rahul has scored 222 runs so far thanks to a century and a half. The Board intended to avoid the batsmen in a contest between the two sides.

He said that initially taking wickets would be very critical to the performance of last year’s championship squad. Former New Zealand fast bowler has said that Lokesh Rahul has scored a lot against us in the last few games, and he’s a fantastic player.

We will discuss with the bowlers in which they will also talk about their plans against the players who are playing well for their rivals. He said that we know that Rahul usually takes time in the middle overs so this might be a good chance to put pressure on him and the batsmen playing with him.

We’re not going to let them score runs in an environment where they’re really solid. He’s having a lot of runs on the extra cover, and we’re trying to make a special strategy to send him off on the good leg as well. Bond said that the bowling of the Mumbai Indians had the potential to demolish the batsmen of Kings XI Punjab.

We’ve got outstanding bowlers. We’re also going to have to place pressure on him but bear in mind that his two key batsmen have played well so far. Well, what the result will be between Kings XI Punjab and the Indians of Mumbai, only time will tell.