CSK shine has disappeared from IPL but Dhoni will make a comeback

CSK shine has disappeared from IPL but Dhoni will make a comeback

Chennai Shine is absent from the IPL season record that Dhoni’s team has lost two matches. In such a case, everyone’s eyes are already on the matter. How’s the Chennai team going to come back under Dhoni’s captainship?

Chennai Superkings in the IPL team that was deemed the favorite before the tournament began and the team is at the bottom of the IPL Twenty Twenty table. This is the first time the Chennai team has been seen at the bottom.

So far, though, the channel has played just three matches, two of which have been lost. IPL Twenty Twenty began the Chennai Super Kings squad in a banged-up manner. In the first round, Chennai beat defending champion Mumbai.

But after that, neither the Chennai batsmen nor the bowlers were able to produce amazing results in the next two matches. Captain Dhoni looks pale, too. Dhoni was unable to finish the contest.

Now the next match for Chennai is October 2. Chennai will fight with Hyderabad on October 2. In such a scenario, Dhoni’s first effort would be to get the team back on track.

However, after the loss against Delhi, Dhoni said that his team had a long break and that when he comes back after the break, his team will be seen in the old language. However, the greatest drawback of Chennai is that there are no young batsmen on the squad.

Experienced players like Shane Watson, Faf Duplessis, Mahendra Singh Dhoni are unable to perform for which they are renowned. However, South African batsman Faf Duplessis had done well in the last match.

Ambati Rayudu is fully fit right now. In such a scenario, Chennai’s team can be successful again. Rayudu fought hard against Mumbai in the first match of the season, and he also proved to be the hero of the victory.

Hopefully, as Chennai returns to the field again, Chennai’s old style will be seen by fans as Chennai fans have high hopes for their side, and they all want to see Chennai becoming champion under Dhoni’s captainship, which Mahendra Singh is trying to do.