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Daniel Williams
Quick Info
Real NameDaniel Terry Williams.
In NewsKilled By Inmates at Kilby Correctional Facility.
Birth Date2001.
Birth PlacePinson, Alabama, United States.
Died Aged22.
Died onNovember 5, 2023.
Cause of DeathMultiple Injuries.
ParentsFather: Terry Williams.
Mother: Tammy Williams.
Love Life
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 11".
In centimeters: 180.3 cm.
In meters: 1.8 m.
CollegeBevill State Community College.
The University of Alabama.


All About Alabama Prisoner Daniel Williams 

Daniel Williams (age 22, 2001 – November 5, 2023) was a father of two whose life was tragically cut short on November 5, 2023. As an inmate in Alabama, he had been eagerly anticipating the end of his one-year sentence at Kilby Correctional Facility, envisioning a fresh start with his family.

In a poignant Facebook post, he expressed his excitement about reuniting with his loved ones upon his release.However, this hopeful anticipation turned into a nightmare as Williams endured days of brutal beating, torture, and s*xual assault while incarcerated.

On October 22, he was discovered unresponsive at Staton Correctional Facility and, despite efforts, succumbed to his injuries two weeks later in the hospital.


Alabama Daniel Williams Died

Disturbingly, the Alabama Department of Corrections had acknowledged a potential inmate-on-inmate assault just two weeks prior to Williams’ death.

Shockingly, his family was only informed on October 25 that he was in a critical condition, brain-dead in the hospital. Warden Joseph Headley reportedly attributed the incident to drugs, a statement vehemently disputed by Williams’ grieving family.



Daniel Williams with mother Tammy Williams

Family Shocked by Son’s Jail Assault

Terry and his wife, Taylor Bostic, were shocked to hear from jail warden Joseph Headley that their son Daniel had suffered a drug overdose.

Upon rushing to the hospital, they discovered a different and disturbing truth – Daniel had been assaulted. According to Bostic and other sources, Daniel was allegedly bound, assaulted, and essentially kidnapped by another inmate around October 22.

Headley claimed Daniel was taken to the hospital on October 22, but Terry and Bostic were only notified on October 25. Interestingly, an incarcerated individual also contacted the family, stating that Daniel was found and hospitalized on October 25. Bostic shared that Daniel was discovered in Dorm E1, a place he wasn’t supposed to be, and had been “tied up, beaten, and rented out” for two to three days.

When found, Daniel appeared gray, and one inmate brought him to the office on Wednesday at 11:04, contradicting Headley’s claim that it happened on Sunday. Bostic and Terry learned from the hospital nurse and doctor that Daniel showed clear signs of abuse, including visible handprint bruises between his legs.

The doctor, with 30 years of experience, stated that it was unlike anything he had seen before. Terry added that during his brief visits, he was not allowed to bring his phone into Daniel’s room or take pictures.

Despite being brain-dead, Daniel was under the watch of five guards. The conflicting accounts and limited access have raised serious concerns about the circumstances surrounding Daniel’s tragic situation.


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Alabama Prisoner Daniel Williams

Daniel Death Exposes Alabama Prison System Flaws

The appalling events surrounding Daniel Williams shed light on a distressing failure in American prison management. Outraged netizens have taken to Facebook to raise their voices against the injustice faced by Daniel. In a parallel effort, a GoFundMe page has been established to support the Williams family in covering the $10,000 funeral expenses.

Since 2019, federal authorities have been probing the alarming levels of violence within Alabama prisons. A report from the U.S. Department of Justice revealed that the conditions not only fell short but also violated the civil rights of inmates. Legal action ensued in 2020, citing the state’s inadequate measures to prevent violence and s*xual assault among prisoners.

Alabama’s correctional facilities are currently facing significant staffing shortages, prompting officials to underscore the urgency of addressing the rising violence. Governor Kay Ivey and other key figures advocate for the development of a new 4,000-bed prison, a venture projected to surpass $1 billion.

Conversely, advocates for prisoners contend that prioritizing the release of inmates should take precedence over investing in a large-scale prison project. The latest report sheds light on the strain experienced by the Alabama Department of Corrections, which accommodates nearly 20,000 individuals in facilities originally designed for around 12,000.

Alarmingly, the first eight months of the year witnessed 1,897 reported assaults, underscoring the pressing challenges faced by the correctional system.

Leaders of the Equal Justice Initiative, a Montgomery-based nonprofit advocating for inmates, assert that the state must do more to prevent prisoner deaths. The situation surrounding Daniel Williams underscores the urgent need for reform and accountability within the prison system.




Daniel Williams with his fiancee Amber

Daniel Williams’ Life in a Nutshell

In 2001, Daniel Williams (age 22) was born to his father, Terry Williams, and mother, Tammy Williams, in Alabama, United States. According to sources, Dan spent his childhood in Pinson where he completed his schooling at a local school.

Post-high school, Williams pursued higher education at Bevill State Community College and The University of Alabama. It was during his college years that he found love in Amber, who later became the mother of his two children.


Daniel Williams with his child

In 2023, tragedy struck when he was convicted of second-degree theft, resulting in a one-year jail sentence. Heartbreakingly, just two weeks shy of his anticipated release, Daniel met an untimely end at Staton Correctional Facility.



Daniel Williams FAQs

Ques: How old was Daniel Williams?

Ans: Daniel was just 22.

Ques: Who are Daniel Williams’ parents?

Ans: Terry Williams (father) and Tammy Williams (mother).

Ques: Where was Daniel Williams killed?

Ans: Staton Correctional Facility.

Ques: What is the name of Daniel Williams?

Ans: Amber.