Dengue fever acted as a protective shield for Corona patients in Brazil

Dengue fever acted as a protective shield for Corona patients in Brazil

The coronavirus research in Brazil is surprising. Research says it has acted as a protective shield for corona patients with dengue fever. Since dengue fever, people have to some degree developed antibodies that help battle the corona.

There are therefore cases of infection. Researchers conclude that vaccines intended to protect against dengue may protect against corona. During the study, it was found that in countries where Saleh had more dengue cases last year, coronary artery infection was less common.

According to the research report, the association between dengue and coronavirus is unique. The same ties were also developed in the countries of Latin America, Asia, and the Pacific Ocean. Researchers say that so far the information in the researcher is quite interesting.

The first thing to realize was that patients who had dengue antibodies in their blood had a complete positive test bar even though they had no coronary artery infection. There are fewer reported cases of corona infection in dengue patients. That is, there’s definitely a relationship between dengue and corona.

Deaths of dengue and dengue are increasingly growing. If we look at government figures, millions of people suffer from dengue every year, and many of them do not fight the Dengue War of Survival. Every year more than 1 million people in the world suffer from mosquito bite diseases.