Proud Boys Dominic Pezzola Wiki, Age, Wife, Kids, Career and More

Dominic Pezzola
Quick Info
Real NameDominic Pezzola.
In NewsJailed For 10 Years.
Birth Date1977.
Birth PlaceRochester, New York, America.
Love Life
Marital StatusMarried.
WifeLisa Magee.
DaughtersMaria Pezzola.
Angelina Pezzola.
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 6' 0".
In centimeters: 182.8 cm.
In meters: 1.828 m.
WeightKg: 82.5.
Pounds: 181.8 lbs.
SchoolThe Aquinas Institute of Rochester.
Work History
Served AsU.S. Marine.
Service Length6 Years.


Proud Boys Leader Dominic Pezzola

All About “Proud Boys” Member Dominic Pezzola

Dominic Pezzola (age 45, born in 1977) is an American right-wing activist who has faced legal convictions and is known for his affiliation with the Proud Boys, a far-right organization. He gained notoriety for his involvement in the events of January 6, 2021, when a violent incident occurred at the United States Capitol.

Pezzola notably took a police riot shield and used it to break a window at the Capitol, becoming the first person to breach the building during the tumultuous events of that day.

In 2021, Pezzola was formally indicted on federal charges, and his trial took place in 2023, where he stood alongside Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio and other vital members, namely Enrique Tarrio, Joseph Biggs, and Zachary Rehl.

Following a five-month jury trial that concluded in May 2023, Pezzola was found guilty of various offenses, including obstructing a congressional proceeding and assaulting a police officer.

During the sentencing phase, prosecutors advocated for a 20-year prison term for Pezzola due to his pivotal role in using a stolen police shield to facilitate the initial breach of the Capitol. However, the presiding judge ultimately sentenced him to 10 years in prison.



Dominic Pezzola inside the Capitol Building carrying a riot shield

Contribution to The Capitol Attack

Pezzola was one of the individuals involved in the attack on the Capitol building on January 6, 2021. The group initiated their assault that morning at 10:00 a.m. when figures like Nordean, Biggs, Rehl, and others led an assembled crowd of nearly 200 individuals away from the speeches at the Ellipse and directly toward the Capitol.

At 2:11 p.m., Pezzola forcefully shattered a window, providing an entry point for the first wave of rioters, with Biggs and his associates following closely behind. It’s important to note that the riot shield Pezzola used had been taken from a police officer, and during the court proceedings, this very riot shield was presented as evidence against Dominic.

Additionally, he live-streamed the entire incident, during which he was observed smoking a celebratory cigar. Several videos also captured Pezzola inside the Capitol building, where he could be seen cheering and making objectionable statements.




Court Didn’t Give Bond Chance To Pezzola, Lawyers Said

Nine days after the Capitol attack, Dominic Pezzola found himself under arrest. Simultaneously, investigators executed a search warrant at his residence, where they discovered a thumb drive containing instructions for creating homemade firearms, explosives, and poisons.

The presence of this thumb drive played a pivotal role in the decision to keep Pezzola in pretrial detention. Pezzola later asserted that he had experienced inhumane treatment during his incarceration in Washington.

He also claimed difficulties in effectively communicating with his legal representatives. Dominic’s attorneys contended that his constitutional rights had been violated and sought his release from detention.

Despite making this appeal, two federal judges denied his request for a bond. Subsequently, Pezzola enlisted a new legal team, comprised of attorneys Marty Tankleff and Steven Metcalf, in a third attempt to secure his release from jail. However, the presiding judge once again denied the bond. 



Dominic Pezzola jailed for 10 years

Pezzola Sentenced to 10 years

The trial of Dominic Pezzola and his four co-defendants commenced on December 19, 2022. It’s worth noting that Pezzola had joined the Proud Boys relatively recently, leading up to the January 6 insurrection. According to federal prosecutors, Pezzola was among approximately 100 Proud Boys who assembled near the Washington Monument around 10:00 a.m. on January 6, 2021.

They were under the leadership of Ethan Nordean and did not intend to attend Donald Trump’s speech at The Ellipse. Instead, they adopted a more discreet appearance, deviating from their customary black and yellow attire.

Prosecutors alleged that the rioters’ strategy was to divide into smaller groups, attempting to breach the Capitol building from multiple entry points to disrupt the Joint Session of Congress and the certification of the Electoral College results.

During his testimony, Pezzola initially expressed a desire to take responsibility for his actions on January 6, but later, during cross-examination, he downplayed the extent of the violence. He also admitted to providing false information to the FBI regarding whether one of his co-defendants was armed during the riot.

Pezzola characterized the trial as “phony” and “corrupt,” asserting that his earlier statements about being willing to fight for the Proud Boys were metaphorical. Following a three-month trial and 30 hours of jury deliberation, on May 4, 2023, Pezzola was found guilty on multiple charges, including obstruction of a Congressional proceeding.

Four months later, on September 1, 2023, he received a sentence of 10 years in federal prison, with an additional three years of supervised release.



Dominic Pezzola wife

Revelations Made By Wife

While Dominic has gained public recognition for his involvement in violent riots, his family sees him differently as a responsible provider who dedicated long hours, up to 80 per week, to support them. For those unaware, Dominic is married to Lisa Magee, a woman he met years ago at a local bar.

The couple shares the joy of having two lovely daughters, one of whom is pursuing a career in science. Recently, an interview with Lisa has been circulating on the internet, in which she shared some revelations and statements that some found surprising.

During the interview, she testified about the significant impact that COVID-19 lockdowns had on their family. These restrictions resulted in Dominic losing his job as a contractor, which added stress to their household.

Lisa also spoke about their experiences during the protests in the summer of 2020 near their home in Rochester, New York. She shed light on how these events affected their family dynamics.

Additionally, Lisa revealed that Dominic became increasingly isolated towards the end of 2020 and seemed deeply engrossed in right-wing politics during the extended COVID-19 lockdowns. This period saw him turning to heavy drinking and immersing himself in round-the-clock consumption of Fox News.



Dominic Pezzola with wife Lisa Magee

Dominic served in the military for six years

In 1977, Dominic Pezzola (age 45) was born in New York, United States. His early years were spent in Rochester, where he grew up. In 1995, he completed his education at The Aquinas Institute of Rochester.

Some of his former classmates remember him as somewhat distant and occasionally aggressive. Interestingly, he was recognized for his boxing skills and was known to engage in occasional fights.

Following his graduation, Pezzola decided to join the United States Marine Corps. His role within the Corps was that of an infantry assaultman, and he served in this capacity from 1998 to 2005.

It’s worth noting that he did not undertake any overseas deployments during his military service. He was ultimately discharged from the Marine Corps with the rank of corporal.



Dominic Pezzola FAQs

Ques: How old is Dominic Pezzola?

Ans: Dominic is 45 years old.

Ques: For how long will Dominic Pezzola stay behind the bars?

Ans: 10 years.

Ques: Did Dominic Pezzola serve in the military?

Ans: Yes.

Ques: From where is Dominic Pezzola?

Ans: Rochester, New York, America.