Donald Trump threatens to face China describing Corona as a blessing of God

Donald Trump threatens to face China describing Corona as a blessing of God

US President Donald Trump described the Coronavirus as a gift to God. At the same time, he also threatened to face the consequences of China’s spread of the COVID 19 epidemic.

The Coronavirus has caused the most damage in America, where more than two lakhs have lost their lives due to the outbreak, but even then, US President Donald Trump released a video on Wednesday saying that the Coronavirus is God’s blessing.

Because they were made aware of the drugs that cure corona. In an ac-video, Trump again blamed China for the coronavirus, threatening that China had given the entire world this pandemic, but that they would not survive it.

Recently, Trump himself was a survivor of Corona poisoning. He was released from the hospital on Monday, but he’s still hopeful.

Trump, on his return from Walter Reed Hospital, released a video message praising treatment at the hospital for the first time, promising that all American citizens would receive free Corona medicines.

Health professionals have been worried since Donald Trump landed at Walter Hospital’s White House. Trump’s Physician Operation Sean Conley said he followed all the expectations after he was released from the hospital and spent the first night sleeping on his way back to the White House.

However, frontline doctors say that in the case of corona victims, hastily thinking that they are beginning to heal is incorrect. A big explanation for the concern of clinicians, details relating to trump therapy was actually told earlier by Dr. Conley earlier that the oxygen was given to the trump.

Later, however, an attempt was made to show that President Trump’s condition was not so bad, while on Sunday he said that Trump had been given the Texas Madison medicine. Please tell us your thoughts about it in the common area.