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Elizabeth Hirschhorn
Quick Info
Real NameElizabeth Hirschhorn.
Known AsSerial Squatter.
Birth Date1968.
Birth PlaceCalifornia, America.
Lives inLos Angeles, CA, United States.
Social media
Love Life
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 4".
In centimeters: 162.5 cm.
In meters: 1.625 m.
CollegeHarvard University.
TelevisionAmerican Masters (1994).
Family Portraits (1995).
The Living Edens (1997–2001).
The Osbournes (2002).

All About Brentwood Airbnb Tenant Elizabeth Hirschhorn

Elizabeth Hirschhorn (age 55, born in 1968) has gained quite a reputation as the ‘Tenant from Hell.’ After staying in a luxurious mansion in Brentwood, Los Angeles for over a year and a half, she has finally moved out, but not without leaving some unpleasant surprises behind.

On November 3, we witnessed Hirschhorn packing her belongings and leaving Dr. Sascha Jovanovic’s beautiful Brentwood guest house. What made her departure even more intriguing was the fact that she was accompanied by three mysterious male friends.

Dr. Jovanovic, the owner of the mansion, shared that he and his legal expert, Sebastian Rucci, were in the midst of discussing Hirschhorn’s rather extreme demand for a $100,000 relocation payment when these unexpected guests suddenly showed up on the property. Fueled by suspicion, Dr. Jovanovic decided to approach them.

To everyone’s surprise, these three men casually mentioned the guest house that Hirschhorn had been staying in, adding more mystery to the situation. In this dramatic story, we delve into the surprising actions of Elizabeth Hirschhorn and her unsettling behavior toward Aleksandar Jovanovic.




Brentwood Airbnb Tenant Elizabeth Hirschhorn

How did the Hirschhorn stay rent-free?

It all began in September 2021 when Elizabeth Hirschhorn signed a seemingly ordinary lease with a Brentwood periodontist, Sascha Jovanovic. Little did anyone anticipate the tumultuous ride ahead.

Hirschhorn, known for her audacious demands, decided after just six months that she wouldn’t pay rent anymore. She claimed the unit lacked an occupancy license as her reason to avoid paying rent.

This led to a legal battle, and she gained a reputation as the ‘tenant from hell’ in the process. She even asked for a staggering $100,000 in relocation expenses. It wasn’t until November 2023 that she finally left the property after living there rent-free for over 600 days.

But the drama didn’t end there. After Hirschhorn left, Jovanovic changed the locks on the guesthouse door, which caused more legal disputes with Hirschhorn’s attorney, Amanda Seward, who argued that this might be against the law. Seward also accused Jovanovic of misrepresentation in various aspects of the situation.

Jovanovic hasn’t given up on recouping his losses either, as he is currently seeking roughly $58,000 in unpaid rent from Hirschhorn. In the meantime, he’s set his sights on a cleanup operation, addressing the mold issue that had plagued the unit during Hirschhorn’s stay. Once that’s sorted, he’s got grand plans to transform the space into a haven for his children’s recreation.


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Homeowner Aleksandar Jovanovic
Aleksandar Jovanovic

Elizabeth is a Serial Squatter

Insiders reveal that Elizabeth Hirschhorn has a troubling history of causing headaches for rental property owners. Court records unveil a disturbing chapter from her past when, in 2019, she took residence in a $2.6 million Rockridge area home on 63rd Street in Oakland. What began as a seemingly routine sublet quickly spiraled into a legal dispute as issues emerged over cleaning responsibilities.

Hirschhorn, determined to stay without paying rent or signing a lease agreement, invoked the COVID-19 pandemic eviction regulations and health concerns as excuses to prolong her unwelcome stay. In October 2020, she took the landlord to court, alleging that in November 2019, a substantial quantity of a harmful substance was deliberately released inside the property, contaminating her living space and personal belongings, thereby compromising her health.

She asserted she had to vacate the premises in December 2019, only to return in February 2020 to find the house fell short of her cleanliness standards. Fast forward to July 2021, when the Oakland case was quietly resolved under undisclosed terms, leaving many questions unanswered.


Elizabeth Hirschhorn The Tenant from hell moved out of the house

From TV Productions to a Serial Squatter

In 1968, Elizabeth Hirschhorn (age 55) was born in California, United States. Her journey in the world of knowledge led her to the hallowed halls of Harvard, but it appears that the ivy-covered walls didn’t impart the values of nobility.

Instead, Hirschhorn chose a different path, utilizing the nooks and crannies of the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act to manipulate and pester rental property owners for her own financial gain.

But lurking behind her dubious dealings, there’s a surprising twist to Hirschhorn’s story. She once ventured into the glitzy world of television.

You might be astonished to know that she penned five episodes of ‘The Osbournes,’ that iconic reality television series that invited viewers into the tumultuous life of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne and his family within their Los Angeles abode.

Those credits date back to the show’s first season in 2002 and interestingly happen to be the last entries on her IMDb page. Our sources in Los Angeles confirm that this is indeed the same Elizabeth Hirschhorn we’re talking about.

But the intrigue doesn’t stop there! Hirschhorn also holds credit for creating the nature documentary series ‘The Living Edens,’ which graced PBS screens for a remarkable five seasons.

She further showcased her talent by writing and producing two episodes of the TV miniseries ‘Family Portraits’ and even produced an episode for the revered PBS documentary series ‘American Masters’ back in 1994. Stay tuned as we unveil more secrets from Elizabeth Hirschhorn’s colorful past.



Elizabeth Hirschhorn FAQs

Ques: How old is Elizabeth Hirschhorn?

Ans: 55.

Ques: What is Elizabeth Hirschhorn’s profession?

Ans: Writer.

Ques: Who owns the property where Elizabeth Hirschhorn lived rent-free?

Ans: Aleksandar Jovanovic.