Farm Bills protest across India PM Modi removed agricultural bill confusion

Farm Bills protest across India PM Modi removed agricultural bill confusion

The Farmer Bill passed in Parliament is being protested across India. Recently, opposition to the bill has been seen from the road to Parliament. Farmers in Punjab and Haryana protest the bill by taking to the road. The BJP is running a national awareness-raising campaign on this resolution.

The BJP awareness movement, which started on Friday, will run for 15 days. The BJP will run a public relations drive around the country to raise awareness of this bill. BJP introduced the subject of this public awareness campaign as self-sufficient farmers.

BJP is seeking to eliminate the frustration of farmers over the agriculture bill. Let me inform you, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Monday, that the government’s stance on the topic of the Agriculture Bill was explained. When presenting Bihar’s program, he spoke in depth about the misunderstanding that is going on now.

By providing several examples, he tried to place the whole picture of the Agriculture Bill Ki in front of the farmers. PM Modi said the Farms Bill would bring historic improvement for farmers.

Modi said the bill would lead to significant improvements in agriculture. In his message, the PM said that the Farmer Bill is granting farmers new rights.

Let me tell you that farmers’ organizations called Bharat Bandh against the Farming Bill on Friday. Protesting farmers against several political parties and seven bills. Farmers also obtained funding from eight political groups, including the Congress. Your answer to the farm bill, we need to have a segment on the legislation.