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Ivonne del Valle
Quick Info
Real NameIvonne del Valle.
Birth Date1975.
Birth PlaceGuadalajara, Mexico.
Lives inSan Francisco, California, America.
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Love Life
Marital StatusMarried.
HusbandName Unavailable.
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 63.7.
Pounds: 140.4 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 5".
In centimeters: 165 cm.
In meters: 1.65 m.
CollegeUniversidad de Guadalajara.
UC Berkeley.
Work ExperienceAssociate Professor - U.C. Berkeley (2009 - Present).
Associate Professor - University of Michigan (2004 - 2009).


Ivonne del Valle worked for years at UC Berkeley

All About Historian Ivonne del Valle 

Ivonne del Valle (age 48, born in 1975) is a Mexican-American professor and Historian. She faced suspension in the fall of 2021 for allegations of stalking and harassing Joshua Cover, a professor in English and Comparative Literature at UC Davis. She also violated subsequent orders not to contact him.

Professor del Valle has acknowledged her involvement in many of the behaviors described in the school’s investigative reports. These actions included damaging Cover’s car, vandalizing the area outside his apartment door, sharing a picture of his partner online, reaching out to his friends, and sending disturbing messages.

In her defense, she claimed to be the victim in this situation. She argued that her actions resulted from being hacked and not receiving proper support from the school. More recently, in October 2023, a student protest related to Professor Ivonne caused a delay in the start of UC Berkeley’s game against USC.

Law enforcement had to intervene, handcuffing the demonstrators and removing them from California Memorial Stadium. As a result, the game began about 15 minutes behind schedule. This article will delve into the controversy surrounding Ivonne, so keep reading for more details.



Historian Ivonne del Valle wikipedia

Allegations Against Ivonne del Valle

Ivonne del Valle, a well-respected expert in colonial studies among UC Berkeley students, appears to have a hidden side that led to her suspension. Our sources have obtained records that shed light on the troubling events behind her suspension. The university conducted three investigations spanning from 2018 to 2022, all revealing a pattern of behavior.

Del Valle was found to have repeatedly harassed, stalked, and retaliated against Joshua Clover, a UC Davis English and Comparative Literature professor. She also violated orders to cease contact with him. In her defense, supporters argue that del Valle was driven by desperation, firmly believing she was the real victim of harassment and online stalking.

However, in a recent interview, del Valle did admit to some of the actions described in the investigative reports. This includes damaging Clover’s car, vandalizing the area outside his apartment door, reaching out to his friends, sharing an image of his partner online, and leaving messages outside his mother’s home.

She also acknowledged calling Clover’s office phone multiple times within a short span. Throughout these official investigations, del Valle consistently claimed her actions were the result of being hacked and a lack of support.

While she expressed regret for visiting Clover’s mother’s home, she disagreed that her message to Clover’s mother constituted a threat. She also denied any allegations of sexual harassment, stating that she was desperately seeking help from anyone who could assist her.



Historian Ivonne del Valle

Protests For Ivonne’s Reinstatement

Those advocating for Ivonne del Valle’s reinstatement, and who have given testimony about her character, believe the university should have conducted a thorough investigation into her claims of electronic hacking and provided institutional support. In support of their cause, this campaign has been sharing anonymously written testimonies on social media.

These testimonials highlight the positive influence del Valle has had on the academic and personal lives of both students and alumni.

To date, nearly 30 heartfelt letters have been posted. They describe how del Valle created a welcoming environment for her students, inspired them to explore colonial Latin American studies, and played a pivotal role in shaping their academic journeys. Furthermore, over 275 individuals and 15 organizations have endorsed an online petition calling for her reinstatement.

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Ivonne del Valle Family Background

In 1975, Ivonne del Valle (age 48) was born in Mexico. According to sources, she was raised by her parents in Guadalajara where she gave multiple proofs of her intelligence throughout schooling by scoring excellent grades in each subject.

In 1993, Ivonne completed schooling and decided to enroll at Universidad de Guadalajara where she studied Hispanic American Letters. After earning her bachelor’s degree Valle moved to the United States in 1998.

After coming to America she joined UC Berkeley for her Ph.D – Letras Hispanoamericanas. In 2004 she completed her doctorate at UCB and joined the University of Michigan as an Associate Professor.



Ivonne’s Excellence in Her Field

Between the years 2004 and 2009, Ivonne del Valle’s scholarly journey began at the University of Michigan, where she shared her wisdom as an educator. Soon, the winds of destiny swept her to the hallowed halls of U.C. Berkeley, where she assumed the mantle of Associate Professor in Colonial Studies.

In her academic pursuits, Ivonne masterfully wove the tapestry of history, connecting bygone eras with our contemporary existence, revealing the profound relevance of the colonial age in understanding our present. Her academic reign was marked not only by teaching but by co-directing the intellectual crucible known as the Berkeley research group “Mexico and the Rule of Law.”

There, her thoughts found expression in a book and a series of illuminating articles. These works ventured deep into the realm of the Jesuits, a powerful politico-religious order that stood as a linchpin in the modernization and vast expansion of the Spanish empire. But Ivonne’s curiosity didn’t stop there. She also delved into the enigmatic world of draining the lakes of Mexico City.

Her scholarly compass guided her to explore the enduring legacy of Spanish America’s colonization, from the 15th century onward. Through her work, she unearthed the birth of novel epistemologies and political theories that transcended time and place. In her pursuit, Ivonne uncovered how the crucible of conquest and colonization, coupled with the necessity for effective colonial governance, forged a crucible of change.

This crucible ignited the transformation of theoretical landscapes, birthed new technologies, and reshaped the very essence of knowledge. Though conceived in the colonies, these changes rippled across the ages, forever altering Europe’s self-perception and intellectual fabric.



Ivonne del Valle FAQs

Ques: How old is Ivonne del Valle?

Ans: Ivonne  is 48 years old.

Ques: Where does Ivonne del Valle live?

Ans: San Francisco, California, America.

Ques: Since when Ivonne del Valle has been working at UC Berkeley?

Ans: 2009.

Ques: What does Ivonne del Valle teach at UC Berkeley?

Ans: Spanish and Portuguese.