Javonnta Murphy (Rapper) Wiki, Obituary, Age, Girlfriend, Height, Parents & More

Javonnta Murphy


Real NameJavonnta Marshann Murphy.
Birth Date1991.
Birth PlaceCalifornia, United States.
Lived inLos Angeles, California, America.
Died Aged32.
Cause of DeathMurdered.
ParentsFather: Javonnie Murphy.
Mother: Felicia Brown.
BrothersFour including Jaquan Murphy.
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Love Life
Partner | GirlfriendName Unavailable.
KidsA son.
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 74.8.
Pounds: 164.9 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 6' 0".
In centimeters: 182.8 cm.
In meters: 1.82 m.
SchoolLocke High School.
CollegeHarbor College.


Who killed rapper Javonnta Murphy

All About Rapper Javonnta Murphy

Javonnta Murphy (age: 32, 1991 – July 31, 2023) was an LA-based American rapper and songwriter who was found dead one day after he went missing on July 30. Reportedly the aspiring rapper was found stuffed in a barrel at Malibu Lagoon.

Sources say, Javonnta is the brother of Jaquan Murphy, who is connected to the murder of Pop Smoke, which is why it is speculated that someone killed Murphy in retaliation.


Rapper Javonnta Murphy Wikipedia

According to the deceased songwriter’s family members, he was not involved in any crime, and they are not able to understand why reason someone killed him.

Meanwhile, Murphy’s mother has set up a GoFundMe page to raise $25,000 for Javonnta’s son’s college fund. People have already donated over $4.7k, and this amount is expected to rise soon.


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Who was Javonnta Murphy

How did Rapper Javonnta Murphy Die?

The grim discovery of Javonnta Murphy’s body within a sealed barrel at Malibu Lagoon State Beach sent shockwaves through the community. The 32-year-old local singer-songwriter and rap artist had met a tragic end that defied understanding.

Despite the identification of the victim, the authorities remained tight-lipped about the specifics surrounding his demise. The circumstances of Javonnta’s death raised unsettling questions. The barrel, shut and sealed, contained the naked body of the aspiring artist.

These details suggested foul play, prompting investigators to delve deeper into the enigma. The possibility that the barrel had been carried from the ocean to the lagoon by high tides added yet another layer of complexity to the case.

As the investigation gained momentum, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department homicide detectives were determined to unravel the truth.

Despite the challenges posed by the sealed barrel and the remote location of the discovery, their efforts were unwavering. The community awaited answers, hoping that justice would be served for Javonnta Murphy.



Javonnta Murphy mother

Javonnta Marshann Murphy Parents & Early Life

In 1991, Javonnta Marshann Murphy (age 32) was born to his mother, Felicia Brown, in California, United States. He grew up in South Los Angeles with his four brothers, two older and two younger.

Educational pursuits led Javonnta to Locke High School, where he completed his schooling in 2009. However, his true passion lay in the world of music.


Javonnta Murphy brother Jaquan Murphy
Javonnta’s brother Jaquan Murphy

Videos of him singing and dancing to his own beats in his car circulated on social media, offering a glimpse into the artist’s creative energy and drive. Javonnta’s close bond with his grandmother was a defining aspect of his life.

Her passing prompted him to seek independence, leading him to establish his own home in the Sylmar area. This pivotal decision marked a turning point as he continued to chase his musical dreams and navigate the challenges that life presented.



Javonnta Murphy with son

Javonnta Murphy’s Girlfriend & Personal Life

In an era defined by connectivity, Javonnta Murphy was no stranger to the world of social media. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook provided windows into his life, allowing glimpses of his experiences and aspirations.

Through these channels, he shared his journey with those who followed his story. While Javonnta’s life was marked by musical pursuits, it also saw personal milestones and challenges. Despite details about the mother remaining elusive, records revealed that he left behind a son.

However, his journey was not without legal troubles. In 2017, he faced charges of battery and domestic violence, leading to legal consequences that shaped his path.


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Javonnta Marshann Murphy Q&A

Ques: How old was Javonnta Murphy?

Ans: He was 32.

Ques: When was Javonnie Murphy born?

Ans: In 1991.

Ques: Was Javonnta Murphy connected to Pop Smoke’s murder?

Ans: Yes, his brother Jaquan Murphy was named in Pop Smoke’s murder.

Ques: Who are Jaquan Murphy’s parents?

Ans: Javonnie Murphy (father).