Joe Biden stipulated for Presidential Debate says give proof of Trump COVID Negative

Joe Biden stipulated for Presidential Debate says give proof of Trump COVID Negative

Since being in the hospital for three days, US President Donald Trump Corona is infected and has returned to the White House, but even after that, his problems do not appear to be fading.

After Corona, his opposition, and Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden exacerbated Trump’s problems. A condition for the second presidential debate to be held on 15 October has been set by Joe Biden.

Biden has confirmed that we do not argue whether President Donald Trump is already afflicted with Corona. He said that I would only take part in the discussion. When the trumps are confirmed to have been rid of the infection.

On the other hand, on October 6, Donald Trump tweeted after returning from the hospital that he was looking forward to the presidential debate in Miami on October 15. Recently, his campaign manager released a joke about taking part in Trump’s second debate.

His manager said that the President was thoroughly prepared to take part in the second session. After Biden’s condition, though, Trump will have to include evidence of not being contaminated to partake in presidential debates.

After Trump was discovered to be corona-infected, Biden also underwent his Corona exam. His report came out negative. Biden said that I will first talk about the presidential debate with Cleveland clinics and doctors and do what is right.

There’s a US presidential election on November 3. There are three pre-election primary debates between the US presidential nominees. On September 29, a presidential debate was held between Trump and Biden.

After this, Trump was found to be corona infected. Now it will be interesting to see whether there is a second and third presidential debate on October 15 and 22. At the same time, Biden can talk about this with the Commission of Presidential Debate.