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John Michael Irmer
Quick Info
Real NameJohn Michael Irmer.
Arrested forMurder Confession.
Birth Date1955.
Birth PlaceOregon, United States.
Lives inPortland, Oregon, America.
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 9".
In centimeters: 175 cm.
In meters: 1.75 m.
WeightKg: 76.4.
Pounds: 168.4 lbs.


John Michael Irmer entering courtroom

All About Criminal John Michael Irmer

John Michael Irmer (age 68, born in 1955) is an Oregon man who has recently come to public attention due to his acknowledgment of involvement in a murder case dating back to 1979. It has been reported that Mr. Irmer voluntarily confessed to being responsible for the death of Susan Marcia Rose.

Sources indicate that Mr. Irmer visited the Portland FBI office in August, where he openly admitted to the heinous act he committed against a woman he had met not long before.

Initially, Mr. Irmer struggled to recall the name of the woman he had killed, but he later identified her as Susan Marcia Rose. Subsequently, a DNA analysis confirmed that his DNA matched the sample found at the crime scene, establishing his guilt in the tragic loss of Susan’s life.



John Michael Irmer murdered Susan Marcia Rose

John confesses to Susan Marcia Rose’s Murder

Irmer has been formally charged with the “brutal” murder of 24-year-old Susan Marcia Rose, as stated by the District Attorney’s office. Prosecutors detail that Irmer entered an FBI field office in Portland, Oregon, last month and disclosed that he had encountered a red-haired woman at a skating rink in Boston during Halloween in 1979.

According to allegations made by Irmer, the two of them entered a Back Bay apartment building located at 285 Beacon St., which was undergoing renovation at the time.

Irmer purportedly confessed that shortly after entering the building, he impulsively seized a nearby hammer and tragically struck the woman on the head, resulting in her untimely death, as the District Attorney’s office reported. After the incident, Irmer said he fled to New York the next day.



Hammer was used to kill Susan Marcia Rose

An Innocent was Tried in Susan Marcia Rose Murder Case 

A day following the tragic incident, a construction worker stumbled upon the lifeless body of Rose at the address 285 Beacon St. Rose, originally hailing from Johnstown, Pennsylvania, and known for her distinctive red hair, had been residing on Dartmouth Street.

As per the District Attorney’s office, Rose’s cause of death was determined to result from multiple blunt force injuries to the head, leading to skull fractures and brain lacerations. Additionally, she had been subjected to sexual assault, as reported by the Globe back in 1979.

Investigators established a match between a DNA sample obtained from Irmer and samples preserved from the crime scene, as confirmed by the District Attorney’s office.

Over the weekend, Boston police detectives transported Irmer from Portland to Boston, where he now faces charges of first-degree murder and aggravated rape, as indicated in court records. It is worth noting that in 1981, another individual was tried and acquitted of Rose’s murder.


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Steven J. Sack is representing John Michael Irmer
John Michael Irmer’s attorney, Steven J. Sack

Irmer Admits Another Murder

During court proceedings, prosecutors revealed that, while admitting to the Back Bay murder, Irmer also purportedly confessed to another murder in a different state, as evidenced by a recording of the hearing provided by the District Attorney’s office.

Furthermore, prosecutors mentioned that Irmer had previously served a prison sentence for a murder in California. Steven J. Sack, representing Irmer as his attorney, did not contest the prosecution’s request for bail but highlighted that his client voluntarily turned himself into the police and returned to Boston to face these charges.

Irmer has been remanded without bail and is scheduled to appear in court for a probable cause hearing on October 17.



John Michael Irmer’s Early Life

Reportedly, in 1955, John Michael Irmer (age 68) was born in Oregon, United States. Not much is available about him, and our sources are trying to find information about his personal life.

It has come to light that Irmer has spent significant time in New York, where he moved after murdering Susan Marcia Rose. Rose’s family has been waiting for justice for years, but somewhere they lost hope.

Finally, Marcia’s family will learn what happened to their beloved family member and receive the necessary closure.



John Michael Irmer FAQs

Ques: How old is John Michael Irmer?

Ans: 68.

Ques: Who killed Susan Marcia Rose?

Ans:  John confessed to Susan Marcia Rose’s murder.

Ques: Why did John Michael Irmer kill Susan Marcia Rose?

Ans: The exact motive behind the killing has not come out yet.