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Joseph Biggs
Quick Info
Real NameJoseph Randall Biggs.
In LimelightSentenced.
Birth DateJanuary 1984.
Birth PlaceCharlotte, North Carolina, U.S.
Love Life
Marital StatusDivorced.
WifeName Unavailable.
KidsOne Daughter.
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 96.4.
Pounds: 212.5 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 6' 1".
In centimeters: 185.4 cm.
In meters: 1.854 m.
Work HistoryRetired United States Army Staff Sergeant.
Member ofProud Boys.


Joseph Biggs wikipedia

All About Proud Boys Leader Joseph Biggs

Joseph Randall Biggs (age 39, born January 1984) is a former American soldier who gained prominence as a member of the far-right group known as the Proud Boys.

In March 2021, Biggs found himself facing serious legal trouble when a federal grand jury indicted him on charges of conspiracy related to the attack on the United States Capitol in 2021.

Based on court documents and the evidence presented during his trial, it became apparent that the Proud Boys organization had played a significant and often violent role in the rallies that took place in Washington, D.C., in November and December 2020.


Proud Boys Leader Joseph Biggs

As a result of his involvement, Biggs was later indicted on charges of seditious conspiracy in June 2022, along with four other leaders of the Proud Boys, for their roles in the aforementioned attack.

In a recent court decision, Joseph Biggs was sentenced to 17 years for his actions. Notably, Zachary Rehl, the president of the Proud Boys, also faced legal consequences and received a 15-year sentence for his involvement in the same events.



Joseph Biggs with Zachary Rehl

Joseph Biggs Sentenced To 17 Years

The most significant and infamous chapter of Joseph Biggs’ life unfolded in the weeks leading up to the storming of the United States Capitol in 2021. Biggs, along with other leading figures in the Proud Boys, took to Parler to rally their followers.

Their call was to dress “incognito” on January 6, with the hope of infiltrating the crowd and passing as Antifa activists. On that fateful day, Biggs, alongside Proud Boys leader Ethan Nordean, shepherded hundreds of Proud Boys members and supporters as they marched toward the Capitol.

Biggs utilized a walkie-talkie to issue directions, while Ethan used a bullhorn to communicate with the crowd. Together with other Proud Boys, Biggs breached the Capitol building, an event captured on numerous video recordings and photographs.


Joseph Biggs on the day of US Capitol attack

Biggs’ participation in the Capitol attack did not go unnoticed by the authorities. In 2021, he was arrested on charges related to his involvement in the attack, and federal prosecutors accused him of planning it.

Initially granted pretrial release with the condition of home confinement, his bail was revoked when more serious charges were filed against him, and new evidence emerged, clearly indicating his leading role in planning the attack.

Fast forward to August 2023, and the verdict was delivered. Joseph Biggs was sentenced to 17 years in federal prison, with an additional 36 months of supervised release. His fate was sealed, as was the fate of the Proud Boys’ president, Zach Rehl, who received a 15-year prison sentence.



Proud Boys Leader Joseph Biggs wikipedia

Served In Military

In January 1994, Joseph Biggs (age 39) was born in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S. According to sources, Joseph Biggs embarked on his military career at a young age. At the age of 20, he joined the U.S. military and dedicated eight years of his life to the service of his country.

His military journey included a stint in the Army Reserve from 2004 to 2007, followed by active duty in the Army. One of the most challenging chapters of Biggs’ military career unfolded when he spent a year in Iraq, facing the harsh realities of combat.

However, his military journey took an unexpected turn in 2012 when he received a medical discharge. The toll of war had left him grappling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), prompting him to seek therapy for his mental well-being.



Joseph Biggs sentenced

Relocated to Daytona Beach Area

Following his military service, Joseph Biggs found himself in Austin, Texas, alongside his estranged wife and daughter. However, life took a different turn when his stepfather passed away, leading him to relocate to the Daytona Beach Area.

His primary motivation for this move was to care for his mother, who was battling cancer, and he didn’t make the journey alone. His one-year-old daughter accompanied him. As time passed, even his estranged wife made her way to Florida to share custody of their child.

It was during this period that Joseph Biggs became deeply involved with the Proud Boys, an organization known for its controversial far-right ideology.

Not only did he become an active member, but he also began organizing events and using his social media influence to promote the group’s beliefs. In 2019 and 2020, he orchestrated large rallies against Antifa in Portland, solidifying his role within the Proud Boys.




Joseph Biggs FAQs

Ques: How old is Joseph Biggs?

Ans: 39.

Ques: When was Joseph Biggs born?

Ans: January 1984.

Ques: How long will Joseph Randall Biggs stay behind bars?

Ans: He will have to spend 17 years in federal prison.

Ques: Is Joseph Randall Biggs married?

Ans: He is divorced.