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Julia Faustyna


Real NameJulia Faustyna.
In LimelightClaiming that she is Madeleine McCann.
Age21 years old.
Birth Date2001.
Lives inGermany.
ParentsFather: --
Mother: --
Love Life
BoyfriendName Unavailable.
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Body Measurements
WeightKg: 68.1.
Pounds: 150.13 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 7".
In centimeters: 170.18 cm.
In meters: 1.7 m.
Julia Faustyna, who claims she is Madeleine McCann
Julia who claims she is Madeleine McCann

Who is Julia Faustyna, Who Claims to be Madeleine McCann?

Julia Faustyna (born in 2001) is reportedly a 21-year-old Polish model and singer based in Germany. In February 2023, she became the talk of the town when she claimed to be Madeleine McCann, the British toddler who was abducted on May 3, 2007, in Praia da Luz, Portugal. People are constantly discussing it on social media handles and debating if she is what she claims to be.

McCann has created an Instagram account (iammadeleinemccan) where she continuously posts photos, claiming how much her face matches Madeleine’s.

Madeleine McCann parents

She has no solid proof; she was requesting Gerry and Kate McCann to agree to a DNA test. McCann’s parents avoided Madeleine’s request for some time but later decided to take the test.

Many people suspect that Faustyna is just lying for her gain, and perhaps what people think is right because nowadays, people are not opposed to cheating for Instagram followers and popularity.


julia faustyna and madeleine mccann comparison

Similarities between Madeleine McCann and Julia Faustyna

Through an Instagram post, Julia said she learned about being Madeleine from her grandmother. Faustyna says that her childhood was full of troubles. She also said she had not seen a single picture of her mother when she was pregnant. Julia also shared a photo where she could be seen to have some brown smudge in her eye, as McCann used to have.

Numerous images on Faustyna’s IG handle indicate that she is Madeleine. Some people believe Julia’s story, and some question why she did not contact Kate and Gerry McCann privately or why she did not call Scotland yard or some police department and do it anonymously, and why did she post it all over social media.

Madeleine Mccann and Julia Faustyna

On the other hand, Scotland Yard is also not taking her seriously because they claim that the model is making inconsistencies in her declaration. Although everything is possible, this story is filled when sensationalism and wild speculation, and we must not forget that the parents of a lost child are involved in this case.



Julia Faustyna Who Claims to be Madeleine McCann

From Where is Julia Faustyna?

According to Marca, Julia Faustyna Wendel (age 21) is from Poland. Through an IG post, the model claimed that she had a troubled childhood and does not remember a thing from her youth. Many of you might be wondering if a person can forget his childhood; according to experts, we call this condition post-traumatic amnesia, in which the mind tries to suppress the memories that cause a person mental pain and stress.

Julia claims that she always doubted if the people raising her were her birth father and mother. Due to all this confusion, her mind refrained from functioning correctly, and she spent some time in a psychiatric ward to receive therapy.

She further claims that after receiving therapy, she started seeing an image of a person who was recognized as a German pedophile named Ney. Now comes the exciting connection; according to the Polish girl, the person she is getting visions of might be the son of Martin Ney, the prime suspect in the Madeleine McCann abduction case.



Madeleine McCann
Madeleine McCann

What did Julia Faustyna’s Parents Say?

In a recent interview, The parents who raised Faustyna’s spoke out about their daughter’s claim that she is Madeleine McCann. They revealed that Julia is not Maddie and that they had been trying to persuade her to stop making false statements.

Julia’s parents say their daughter avoids the company of her family members and prefers to stay alone. They have expressed concern for her mental health and have encouraged her to seek treatment, but Julia has been resistant.

Her father and mother also cautioned her about the consequences of her behavior. They informed her that the internet has a long memory and that sharing false information may have serious consequences. Despite their best attempts, Julia has maintained her assertion that she is Maddie.



Julia Faustyna Instagram

Who is Julia Faustyna’s Boyfriend?

The Polish model Julia has been making headlines lately for claiming that she is Madeleine McCann. Despite the media attention, Julia keeps her personal life very private. But once, she briefly mentioned that her boyfriend had threatened to break up with her because of all the attention, but she did not disclose his name.

Some people have been trying to gather more information about Julia by looking at her social media accounts. However, her Instagram account, @julia_faustyno, is private, meaning only her approved followers can see her posts. It’s unclear what kind of content Julia shares on her Instagram, but she likely uses it to share glimpses of her life with her closest friends and family.




Julia Faustyna Q&A

Ques: How old is Julia Faustyna?

Ans: 21.

Ques: What is Julia Faustyna’s Instagram username?

Ans: @iammadeleinemccan.

Ques: Where was Madeleine McCann from?

Ans: Leicester, England, UK.

Ques: Where was Madeleine McCann last seen?

Ans: Praia da Luz, Portugal.

Ques: When will Julia Faustyna’s DNA test happen?

Ans: Very soon.