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Kaitlin Armstrong
Quick info
Real NameKaitlin Armstrong.
Birth DateNovember 21, 1987.
Birth PlaceMichigan, United States.
Lives inLivonia, Michigan, American.
ParentsFather: Mike Armstrong.
Mother: --
SisterChristine Armstrong.
Love Life
Marital StatusNot married.
Ex-BoyfriendColin Strickland.
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 8".
In centimeters: 172.7 cm.
In meters: 1.72 m.
WeightKg: 56.6.
Pounds: 125 lbs.
SchoolStevenson High School.
CollegeSchoolcraft College.
Eastern Michigan University.
ProfessionYoga Instructor.


All About Anna Moriah Wilson’s Murder Suspect Kaitlin Armstrong 

Kaitlin Armstrong (age 36, born November 21, 1987) was a former yoga teacher, currently finds herself in police custody, facing very serious murder charges.

The victim in question is Anna Moriah Wilson, a professional cyclist known as Mo. Allegedly, Kaitlin committed this crime after discovering that her then-boyfriend, Colin Strickland, who is also a professional cyclist, had been involved with Anna.

Following the incident, the police questioned Kaitlin’s close friend, Marie, as part of their investigation. However, Kaitlin decided to make a drastic move. She left the country and relocated to Costa Rica in an attempt to avoid the authorities. But it seems she couldn’t escape the long arm of American law enforcement.


Kaitlin Armstrong in Police arrest

They tracked her down 43 days later and brought her back to the United States. In an intriguing twist, Kaitlin underwent plastic surgery to alter her appearance, making it challenging for the police to identify her. She was eventually brought to court in July 2023, where she entered a plea of not guilty.

Recent reports have also surfaced, indicating that Kaitlin attempted to escape from the police during a medical appointment. According to sources, as Kaitlin was leaving the medical facility, she made a run for it.

However, her bid for freedom was short-lived, as the police managed to catch her after a 10-minute chase. In this article, we’ll delve deeper into the details surrounding Kaitlin’s case, shedding light on the events that have unfolded. So, keep reading for more insights into this gripping story.


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Kaitlin Armstrong pleads not guilty

Kaitlin Armstrong Found Guilty

Former yoga instructor Kaitlin Armstrong has been found guilty of the murder of professional cyclist Anna Moriah “Mo” Wilson. The trial, held in Austin, Texas, shed light on a story tangled in relationships and a chilling motive.

Anna Moriah Wilson, just 25 years old, was fatally shot on May 11, 2022, at a friend’s home. The case unraveled a series of connections: Wilson, previously involved with Armstrong’s on-and-off boyfriend, professional cyclist Colin Strickland, spent her final day cycling, swimming, and dining with Strickland before being dropped off at her friend’s house.

The trial revealed unsettling details. Prosecutors argued that Armstrong had used a fitness app to track Wilson’s whereabouts and monitored her activities on social media in the days before the murder. Armstrong’s turbulent history with Strickland and her anger over his continued friendship with Wilson formed a motive for the tragic incident.

Armstrong’s actions post-murder added intrigue. Initially questioned and mistakenly released, she then fled to New York City and eventually Costa Rica, where she was arrested over a month later using a fraudulent passport.

During the trial, Armstrong’s friend Nicole Mertz testified to Armstrong’s hostility toward Wilson, recounting a disturbing conversation where Armstrong allegedly expressed intentions to harm anyone serious in Strickland’s romantic life.

While the guilty verdict provides a sense of closure for the trial phase, Armstrong’s sentencing, pending at a later date, could result in a life sentence in prison.



Kaitlin Armstrong boyfriend Colin Strickland
Colin Strickland

The Deadly Love Triangle

Kaitlin Armstrong and pro cyclist Colin Strickland were in a relationship. They had a break in the fall of 2021, during which Strickland met another cyclist, Anna Moriah Wilson, and they briefly dated. Later, Armstrong and Strickland got back together. Kaitlin found out about Strickland’s short relationship with Wilson and decided to do something about it.

On a sad night in May 2022, Wilson was found dead with multiple gunshot wounds before 10 p.m. at a friend’s place in Austin, Texas. She was there for a race in Hico and had spent the day swimming and dining with Strickland.


Kaitlin Armstrong killed Anna Moriah Mo Wilson
Anna Moriah ‘Mo’ Wilson

Strickland said he didn’t go inside Wilson’s friend’s house after dropping her off, and the police investigation ruled him out as a main suspect. An autopsy confirmed Wilson’s death was a homicide, caused by two gunshot wounds—one to the head and another to the chest. These shots were fired after she was already lying down, according to a search warrant.

Surveillance footage linked Armstrong to the crime, showing her black Jeep Grand Cherokee arriving just before the incident at the Austin residence. Initially, Armstrong was held on a minor theft charge.

When questioned about the incriminating vehicle footage, she remained quiet, but investigators noticed she got visibly upset when asked about Wilson’s connection to Strickland. Armstrong was eventually released due to a technicality regarding incorrect birth date information in the police database and the warrant.



Kaitlin Armstrong arrested for Anna Moriah Wilson's Murder

Armstrong Arrested

The police checked Anna Wilson’s phone and found out that she was dating Colin Strickland while he was still in a relationship with Kaitlin Armstrong. At first, Strickland said he didn’t know Wilson, but later he admitted to being in a relationship with her.

He kept his contact with Wilson a secret from Armstrong by deleting her messages and saving her number with a different name. It’s said that Armstrong found out about this and wanted to hurt Wilson. She even mentioned getting a gun recently or planning to. Strickland confessed to buying two handguns, one for Armstrong and one for himself.

The police searched their house and found these guns. They also found a bullet casing from one of the guns that matched a casing found at the place of the crime. The search also showed that Armstrong had been to a shooting range, supposedly to learn how to use a gun.

Because of all this, the police issued an arrest warrant for Kaitlin Armstrong on May 17, charging her with first-degree murder. After being on the run for 43 days, Armstrong was caught by the U.S. Marshals at a hostel in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica on June 29, 2022. In a press conference about her capture, the U.S. Marshals revealed that she used someone else’s passport to escape to Costa Rica.

Armstrong had changed her looks significantly and was teaching yoga under different names. She had dyed and cut her hair and bandaged her nose, with some marks around her eyes, which she said were from a surfing accident.




Kaitlin Armstrong mugshot

Kaitlin Armstrong Parents and Education

On November 21, 1987, Kaitlin Armstrong (age 36) was born to her father, Mike Armstrong, in Michigan, United States. She and her sister Christine Armstrong, grew up in Livonia where they attended Stevenson High School.

During school days she was popular as an athletic redhead who was proficient in Volleyball, Basketball, and Track and field.

In 2005 she completed her schooling and joined Schoolcraft College. According to her LinkedIn page, after earning a bachelor’s from SC she attended Eastern Michigan University for further studies.



Kaitlin Armstrong FAQs

Ques: How old is Kaitlin Armstrong?

Ans: Kaitlin is 36 years old.

Ques: Who is Kaitlin Armstrong sister?

Ans: Christie Armstrong.

Ques: What is the name of Kaitlin Armstrong’s boyfriend?

Ans: Colin Strickland.

Ques: Who are Kaitlin Armstrong’s parents?

Ans: Mike Armstrong (father).