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Kaitlyn Cannon
Quick Info
Real NameKaitlyn Cannon.
Birth Date1994.
Birth PlaceWall Township, New Jersey, America.
Love Life
HusbandBeck Miller.
ParentsFather: --
Mother: --
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Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 5".
In centimeters: 165 cm.
In meters: 1.65 m.
WeightKg: 64.2.
Pounds: 141.5 lbs.
SchoolWall High School.
CollegePennsylvania State University.
ProfessionTikTok Influencer.
ProfessionTikTok Influencer.


Wall Township Woman Kaitlyn Cannon

All About Wall Township Woman Kaitlyn Cannon

Kaitlyn Cannon (age  29, born in 1994) hails from Wall Township, New Jersey, and unfortunately, she became a victim of revenge p*rn. What makes this situation even more shocking is that the person responsible for uploading Kaitlyn’s private photos to the infamous Duch website was none other than her former high school teacher, Christopher Doyle.

The mysterious path that led Kaitlyn’s intimate photos, sent initially to her college-time boyfriend, into the hands of Doyle remains a question that many are still trying to answer. Doyle faced legal prosecution, and the jury ultimately ruled in Kaitlyn’s favor. However, the compensation awarded to her amounted to only $10,000.

Today, Kaitlyn has transformed her experience into a platform for guidance and support on TikTok. Through short videos, she shares her insights on dealing with PTSD and managing anxiety, offering valuable advice to those who have gone through similar traumas.



Kaitlyn Cannon biography

How Kaitlyn Became the Victim

The story unfolds in 2018, when Kaitlyn Cannon, a recent graduate of Pennsylvania State University, was fervently launching her career in television news.

However, in March 2018, her life took an unexpected and distressing turn, all thanks to a text message. A long-time friend contacted her with shocking news: intimate photos of Cannon had emerged on the internet.

These photos had originally been shared with an ex-boyfriend during her college years when they were still together. Some of these images prominently featured her face, and all of them divulged her first name, last initial, and her small hometown in South Jersey.


Kaitlyn Cannon teacher Christopher Doyle

The revelation cast light on the unusual events that had unfolded in the weeks leading up to this discovery – Cannon had been receiving unsettling Facebook requests from numerous men across the state.

Furthermore, as she later testified, this revelation explained the unsettling phone calls her parents and grandmother had received, characterized by heavy breathing and lewd comments.

Subsequent investigations traced the source to an IP address belonging to Christopher Doyle, a man who had formerly been her math teacher and had also coached her sister in tennis.


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Kaitlyn Cannon wikipedia

A Mere $10,000 in Damages

Upon discovering that Christopher Doyle was the culprit behind uploading her compromising pictures, Kaitlyn pursued legal action against him. In an unexpected twist, Cannon’s former boyfriend, the original possessor of the photos, claimed to have lost his mobile phone.

The circumstances surrounding how these photos found their way onto Doyle’s computer remain shrouded in mystery. Under New Jersey state law, Doyle’s actions were deemed a third-degree criminal invasion of privacy when he posted Cannon’s photos.

Despite wrestling with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and enduring persistent anxiety over the images circulating online, Cannon was granted a mere $10,000 in damages. She provided her testimony in Ocean County Superior Court on August 16.

Cannon’s attorney, Cali P. Madia, expressing disappointment, asserted that $10,000 would do little to alleviate the young lady’s situation significantly.



Kaitlyn Cannon posts TikTok videos

Cannon Has a Vast TikTok Fanbase

Upon discovering that her former math teacher was responsible for sharing her private photos, Cannon was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and prescribed antidepressants.

She continues to grapple with debilitating panic attacks and has mourned the loss of friendships that resulted from this harrowing experience. In her quest for healing, she embarked on a therapeutic journey to overcome the trauma she endured.

In addition to her therapeutic efforts, she has embraced TikTok as a platform where she shares brief video clips on various topics, with a predominant focus on addressing the issue of revenge p*rn



Former Student Kaitlyn Cannon

Kaitlyn Cannon Parents and Education

In 1994, Kaitlyn Cannon (age 29) was born to her parents in New Jersey, United States. She grew up with her sisters in Wall Township. Kaitlyn attended Wall High School, where she graduated in 2014.

To make a career as a news presenter, Cannon joined Pennsylvania State University. At Penn State, she earned her bachelor’s degree with flying marks.

She was about to begin her career when she learned someone posted her nude photos online. Her life changed after that incident. Now, she is trying to get back to everyday life.



Kaitlyn Cannon with husband Beck Miller

Kaitlyn Married to Beck Miller

Kaitlyn, known as @revengeprngirl on Instagram, is happily married to Beck Miller. They exchanged vows on April 30, 2022, and celebrated their love by sharing beautiful wedding photos on Instagram. Beck, Kaitlyn’s husband, is the Director of Franchise Development at 2ULaundry.

In a recent court testimony, Beck Miller opened up about the lasting impact of Kaitlyn’s trauma. He shared how she continues to struggle with anxiety and remains on edge, even years after the traumatic events. Despite these challenges, Kaitlyn has found strength in her commitment to advocating for reform.



Kaitlyn Cannon FAQs

Ques: How old is Kaitlyn Cannon?

Ans: 29.

Ques: Who is Kaitlyn Cannon’s husband?

Ans: Beck Miller.

Ques: What is the teacher’s name who posted Kaitlyn Cannon’s photos on the revenge p*rn site?

Ans: Christopher Doyle.

Ques: Which school did Kaitlyn Cannon attend?

Ans: Wall High School.