South Korean Actor Kim Hyun Joong Announce He is Getting Married His Best Friend

Kim Hyun Joong Announce He is Getting Married His Best Friend

35-year-old South Korean actor Kim Hyun Jong became the center of attention again when, on February 27, Henecia revealed that he would tie the knot with a non-celebrity woman who is also his best friend. Still, Kim Hyun Jong has not announced his girlfriend’s name with whom he is going to marry.

The couple has also planned to skip a wedding ceremony due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, and according to credible sources, Kim Hyun’s future wife is a wonderful lady who supports him in difficult times.

On the 27th, at the GIFT CONCERT ‘Things I Want to Say,’ Kim Hyun Joong remarked to his supporters, ‘I don’t know how to say it first,’ and added, ‘I decided to walk with the person who stuck by me in the most difficult and terrible periods of my life.’ ‘I did it,’ he explained.

“When I think back on the previous times I have lived, I have gotten a lot of attention and affection till now, and I really appreciate the fans who have been by my side during the dark and tough days,” Kim Hyun Joong stated. ‘It will be a significant day,’ he remarked.

‘When the dark and tough days persisted, thanks to the fans’ support, love, and trust, I was able to gather courage and make a choice to start afresh in the second part of my life,’ Kim Hyun-Joong stated. He admitted to pushing for it and informed the audience that he intended to repay him by conquering it somehow. “Considering the love and boundless support offered by the fans, I’m going to tell you a narrative that is tough and difficult to explain using this performance as an explanation for fear that sharing such a story with a simple text alone would make you regret for the rest of your life,” Kim Hyun-Joong said.

Kim Hyun-agency Joong’s Henecia┬ástated in an official statement on the 27th, “Today’s artist Kim Hyun-concert Joong’s was to announce the artist’s marriage.” We humbly request that you abstain from forming excessive conclusions because we have carefully presented the news in consideration of the circumstances.”


Below is the full text of Kim Hyun Joong’s agency Henecia

This is Henecia.

Today, through the concert of our artist Hyun-Joong Kim, we were able to tell you about the artist’s marriage.

Considering the difficult situation, we have omitted the wedding ceremony and other procedures, and since we have carefully conveyed the news in consideration of the position of the spouse of the general public, we respectfully request that you refrain from excessive speculation and ask for your understanding.

We ask for your warm support as we have carefully taken the first step toward the future we will walk together in the future as a precious relationship in a difficult time. We will give it to you, so we ask for your interest and support.

thank you.