Kings XI Punjab lost Match due to this change of Rajasthan Royals

Kings XI Punjab lost Match due to this change of Rajasthan Royals

What happened in Punjab and Rajasthan was not what anybody had anticipated in the IPL. The Rajasthan team won the game with the most significant improvement in IPL history.

The last moments of the Hit Show won by Rahul Tewatia. Tewatia carried Sheldon Cottrell’s six-ball victory to the entire RR win camp, followed by Jofra Archer’s magnificent knock on Punjab’s hand to take Rajasthan to victory.

Earlier, the Toss RR’s win selected bowling first, but Captain Smith’s eleven-player pick posed the issue that after all, they had ruined the team’s line-up in the bowler making process.

But when the Punjab team came out to fight, Captain Rahul and Mayank Agarwal made such a rain of runs that the Rajasthan bowlers were so soaked that the color of the runs of the two batsmen did not come out of them.

In the last match, all four scored a century; in this match, Mayank Agarwal’s bat scored a century; upon seeing the scores, the team crosses 200, and Punjab scored 230 runs in front of Rajasthan.

In response, the intentions of the North Rajistan team seemed very good, and as soon as they came to the field, Captain Smith took the lead and began to show dominance in the first innings. If there’s rain for Rajasthan, too, over Punjab, Sanju Samson took another end and scored Punjab’s problems.

But Tewatiya, who came to help Sanju at the other end, slowed down the innings and at one point, with 16 runs off 23 balls, posed the issue of the old police station. But in the 17 overs of the innings, five sixes Tewatia of Katiyar ‘s six balls made his team the hero of the match and giving Rajasthan the game by chasing the biggest IPL.