Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti: Know Reason Mahatma Gandhi avoided wearing a watch and a Kathiawadi suit

Know Reason Mahatma Gandhi avoided wearing a watch and a Kathiawadi suit

Today, the whole world celebrates the 151st anniversary of the birth of Mahatma Gandhi. The world honors Gandhiji, who taught the world the message of non-violence. There’s no anecdote today, but we’re going to tell you very unique things about Mahatma Gandhi.

We’ve seen most of the pictures of Mahatma Gandhi, in which he’s seen wearing just a dhoti, that’s to his knees. That might not have always been the case. When he returned from London to train for a barrister, he wore suit boots. Then how did the fourth come to the dhoti on the body.

Let us tell you that in 1917, at three o’clock in the afternoon, Gandhiji landed at Motihari station in Champaran. As far as Champaran is concerned, he writes, using his autobiography, that Satya was isolated in the corner of Hindustan, where the news of Satyagraha did not hit the newspapers.

Gandhi arrived there at this time and met the farmers. These farmers were forced to cultivate indigo under the British rule and did not plant any crop.

The starving and ill peasants gathered to share their sorrow with Gandhi. There are the ladies with the veil and the curtain where they are stopped from drinking water. Kids are kept away from learning. They have to serve as a bonded laborer in the British home and are given only a pair of cloth instead.

As Gandhiji went to Champaran for the first time, the beautiful Kathia Badi was wrapped in a hat. Suits, dhotis, tops, watches, leather shoes, and caps were worn. When I was back in November, my wife Kasturba said she was expected to go to the village.

Tell the women to take a bath every day and to take care of cleanliness. On August 31, 1920, during the Farmers’ Satyagra in Kheda, I vowed that I would wear only handmade Khadi clothes for life.

In 1921, he encountered the citizens on a journey from Madras to Madurai and found that they were all dressed in foreign clothes. He wanted everybody to wear the Khadi. These people said we’re bad, we’re not going to be able to buy Khadi.

The matter was real, too. Gandhi wrote that I had a jacket hat and a bottom wash where millions of people are without clothes and want four-inch long diapers. What kind of answer would I give? After the meeting with Madurai, Gandhi abandoned all his clothes and wore a dhoti and stood with the people.

When Kasturba was among the people in the village, a woman said that you were looking at the state of my home. It looks like a suitcase or a cabinet. I’ve just got one watch that I’m wearing. Tell me what to wear as you sweep it up.

The lady said that by asking Mahatma ji to get me a saree so that I can wash a saree. As soon as Mahatma Gandhi came to know about this entire event, he took his cloak and never wore it after that.

He joined the Neel Mazdoor Battle of Ahmedabad in 1918. During that time, he found that at least four people could cover their bodies with the amount of fabric they spent in their turbans.

Gandhiji’s turban was also left from here, it was Mahatma Gandhi. What is the story of Mahatma Gandhi related to your life that you like the most. Do mention in the comment box