Kumar Sanu Birthday Kumar Sanu made a world record by singing the song

Kumar Sanu Birthday Kumar Sanu made a world record by singing the song

Kedarnath Bhattacharaya whom we all know as Kumar Sanu. Bollywood is one of the biggest singers in the industry. It is the birthday of Kumar Sanu, who won the Best Singer Award for Filmfare for five consecutive years.

In 1993, Kumar Sanu sang 28 songs in one day, for which his name is recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. So let’s know-how was the journey of Kumar Sanu to Bollywood.

Kumar Sanu’s father Pashupati Bhattacharya was himself a singer and music composer. Kumar Sanu lived in Kolkata with his father and elder sister. He learned singing and tabla from his father.

After earning a degree from Calcutta University, Kumar Sanu started his singing career with stage performance and singing in a place like Restaurant. In 1986, Kumar Sanu sang as a playback singer for a Bangladeshi film Teen Kanya.

In 1997, he met famous singer-composer Jagjit Singh, who allowed singing to Kumar Sanu is the film Andhiyaan.

Kumar Sanu’s style was very similar to Kishore Kumar, which led to Kalyanji Anandji asking him to change his name from Kedarnath Bhattacharaya to Kumar Sanu. Kumar Sanu then shifted to Mumbai and Kalyanji Anandji gave him a chance to sing in the film Magician.

Sanu performed such magic that the entire industry was covered. There was such a girl, Tu Pyaar Hai to someone else, when things go wrong, is one of the few chartbuster songs sung by her whose people are still crazy

Very few people know that Kumar Sanu is also an excellent tabloid. No one knows Kumar Sanu’s personal life too much, nor has there been much contrast in his personal life, but Kumar Sanu did two weddings. The first from Rita Bhattacharya and the second from Saloni Bhattacharya.

Apart from this, Kumar Sanu also had some affairs from Gossips, one of whom was an actress with Kunika Lal but Kumar Sanu never let his personal life come forward.

Kumar Sanu saw the peak of his career in the 19’s, one of the best love stories in Bollywood, almost all the songs from the film Aashiqui were sung by Kumar Sanu. Kumar Sanu also gave his voice in films like Saajan Deewana Baazigar.

Kumar Sanu was awarded the Padma Shri in 2009. The romance of Shanu’s voice and the pen we miss a lot in today’s songs.