Ponte Vedra Madison Schemitz Wiki, Age, Mother, Boyfriend & More

Madison Schemitz


Real NameMadison Schemitz
Birth DateMay 10, 2006.
Birth PlaceNew York, United States.
Lives inPonte Vedra, Florida, America.
ParentsFather: Christopher Schemitz.
Mother: Jaclyn Rose Roge.
SiblingsBrothers: Four.
Sister: One.
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Love Life
Single | EngagedSingle.
Body Measurements
WeightKg: 68.3.
Pounds: 150.5 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 10".
In centimeters: 177.8 cm.
In meters: 1.77 m.
SchoolPonte Vedra High School.


 Madison Schemitz Height

Who is Ponte Vedra’s Madison Schemitz?

Madison Schemitz (age 17, May 10, 2006) is Ponte Vedre, Florida-based high school softball player who got stabbed 15 times by her ex-boyfriend Spencer Pearson, who later slit his throat.

According to sources, Madison was attacked outside a restaurant named Mr. Chubby’s on June 3, 2023, in broad daylight.

Madi’s mother, Jaclyn Rose Roge, also sustained severe injuries. The attack was so brutal that the mother-daughter duo would require to undergo surgeries.

Madison and her mother are believed to be alive due to a good samaritan, Kennedy Armstrong, who intervened and tackled that attacker. Kennedy also suffered severe hand injuries but said his wounds wouldn’t stop him from helping if the need arose.



Madison Schemitz mother and siblings

What Exactly Happened to Madison Schemitz?

Before the incident, Madison Schemitz had endured months of threats and violence from her ex-boyfriend, Spencer Pearson. The escalating situation led Jaclyn Rose Roge, Madison’s mother, to seek a restraining order against him.

Worried about their safety, Madison, her mother, and a friend were having lunch on that fateful day when they spotted Pearson. Fearing a confrontation, the group hurriedly left the restaurant, but their attempt to avoid Pearson was in vain.

Pearson confronted Madison and her mother outside Mr. Chubby’s Wings on Valley Circle. It was then that the situation turned devastatingly violent. Spencer Pearson attacked Madison and Jaclyn in broad daylight, inflicting multiple stab wounds on both victims.

Pearson targeted Madison with particular brutality, stabbing her at least 15 times. Her mother also suffered stab wounds to her leg and forehead.

The horrifying screams of Madison and Jaclyn caught the attention of a nearby individual, Kennedy Armstrong, who would become their savior.



Kennedy Armstrong saved Madison Schemitz and Jaclyn Rose Roge

Intervention By The Good Samaritan

Kennedy Armstrong, a 23-year-old passerby, courageously intervened upon hearing the commotion and the mention of a stabbing. Driven by his instincts, he rushed towards the group with the sole purpose of subduing the attacker.

Kennedy’s swift action knocked Pearson off Madison, saving her from further harm. However, Pearson turned his violence toward Kennedy in the process, severing an artery in his arm. Pearson later attempted suicide by slitting his throat.



Softball player Madison Schemitz

Is Madison Schemitz Recovering?

The viciousness of the attack left Madison Schemitz with deep cuts to her spine, requiring multiple surgeries to address her critical condition. The medical team worked tirelessly to stabilize her and provide the necessary interventions for her recovery.

The extent of her injuries highlights her resilience and strength throughout this harrowing ordeal. Madison’s mother, Jaclyn Rose Roge, also sustained significant injuries and required surgical intervention.

Madison and her mother underwent intensive medical procedures to treat their wounds and ensure long-term recovery. The path to physical healing would be challenging, but their fighting spirit was unwavering.

You can follow Madison on Instagram (@madisonschemitz) and stay connected with her because updates regarding her health recovery are supposed to be updated there.



Madison Schemitz boyfriend Spencer Pearson

What Happened to Spencer Pearson?

Following the attack, Spencer Pearson was taken into custody and remains in critical condition. If he survives, he will face multiple felony charges, including attempted murder.

The legal system will hold him accountable for his heinous acts against Madison Schemitz and her mother. Justice will be sought for the victims, ensuring their story serves as a testament to the consequences of such violent actions.



Ponte Vedra Madison Schemitz

Madison Schemitz is a Softball Player

On May 10, 2006, Madison Schemitz (age 17) was born to her father, Christopher Schemitz, and mother, Jaclyn Rose Roge, in New York, America. She has five siblings, including a sister and 4 brothers.

After spending the first few years of her life, Madison came with her family to Florida and settled in Ponte Vedra. Maddy describes herself as an optimist and extrovert.

She studies at Ponte Vedra High School, where she is a star softball player. Her goal is to play softball in college and help others in ways she has yet to be able to.



Madison Schemitz Q&A

Ques: What is the name of the good samaritan who helped Madison Schemitz?

Ans: Kennedy Armstrong.

Ques: What is Madison Schemitz’s age?

Ans: 17 (as of 2023).

Ques: When was Madison Schemitz born?

Ans: On May 10, 2006.

Ques: Is Madison Schemitz present on Instagram?

Ans: Yes (madisonschemitz).

Ques: At which school does Madison Schemitz study?

Ans: Ponte Vedra High School.


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