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Mariah Thomas
Quick Info
Real NameMariah Thomas.
Birth DateFebruary 8 1998.
Birth PlaceKansas City, Missouri.
DaughterLate. Za'Riah Mae.
Body Measurements
HeightIn feet: 5' 7".
In centimeters: 170 cm.
In meters: 1.7 m.
Criminal Record
Arrested forKilling her daughter.
Social Media


Mariah Thomas with daughter Za'Riah

All About Missouri Woman Mariah Thomas

Mariah Thomas (birth February 8 1998), a 26-year-old Missouri mother is facing serious charges after her one-month-old baby was found dead in an oven.

The incident took place in Mariah’s home in Kansas City, where she claimed to have mistakenly placed her baby in an oven, thinking it was a crib, while attempting to put the child down for a nap. Authorities, describing the scene as “gruesome,” found the baby badly burnt and unresponsive on a Friday.

On Saturday, Mariah faced charges filed by the Jackson County Prosecutors. She is accused of killing her one-month-old child and is currently charged with a Class A felony of Endangering the Welfare of a Child in the 1st degree, Death of a Child.

Following her arrest, Thomas was taken into custody at the Jackson County Detention Center. Despite being questioned by authorities, she chose to exercise her right to remain silent under the fifth amendment. However, she did consent to a blood draw and allowed detectives access to her phone data.

As of now, Mariah Thomas is held at the Jackson County Detention Center awaiting further legal proceedings.

Missouri Mother Mariah Thomas


Mariah has Mental issues

Mariah faced mental challenges, as per a close friend of Thomas’. They described Za’Riah, Thomas’ baby, as a cheerful child, always smiling.

The friend mentioned Mariah’s struggle with mental health, noting that she didn’t think like an adult but rather had a childlike mindset. Their last conversation was on a Monday.

Za’Riah’s grandfather received a distressing call from Mariah on a Friday afternoon, urging him to return home immediately as something was wrong with the baby. Upon arriving, he found Za’Riah deceased in her crib, with a smell of smoke lingering in the air.

Court documents revealed that Mariah claimed she had accidentally placed Za’Riah in the oven. When police arrived, they found Za’Riah in a car seat with burns on various parts of her body.

She was dressed in a bodysuit over a diaper, which appeared dirty and possibly burnt. A burnt baby blanket was also found at the scene and taken as evidence.


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Missouri Woman Mariah Thomas

Mariah Thomas Background

Mariah Thomas was born on February 8, 1998, in Kansas City, Missouri. Little is known about her family background, as she has not publicly mentioned her parents or the father of her daughter, Za’Riah.

Thomas was active on social media, where she often shared pictures and posts portraying her love for her daughter, whom she affectionately referred to as her ‘princess.’ In one of her Facebook posts, she expressed her desire to be the best mother she could be to Za’Riah.

However, just weeks before a tragic incident, Thomas made a poignant post on January 20, expressing feelings of loneliness and neglect. She wrote about her disappointment in friends who claimed to care but never checked in on her or Za’Riah.



Mariah Thomas FAQs

Ques: Why was Mariah Thomas arrested?

Ans: Thomas was arrested for her daughter’s death.

Ques: What was the name of Maria Thomas’s daughter?

Ans: Za’Riah.

Ques: What is Missouri mother Mariah Thomas’s age?

Ans: Thomas is 26 years old.