Memorial in memory of 20 soldiers martyred in Galwan Valley

Memorial in memory of 20 soldiers martyred in Galwan Valley

A monument was erected to honor the martyrdom of 20 Indian Army soldiers who were martyred in the Galwan Valley in the face of continuing conflicts with China. Let me remind you that on 15 June this year, 20 soldiers of the Bihar Regiment were killed in violent clashes between China and India at the LOC.

This memorial is situated in the area of KMĀ 120 Post. This post is close to the strategically important Durbuk Shyok, Daulat Beg Oldi, and Ladakh. The names of all 20 soldiers who were martyred in deadly clashes are inscribed in this memorial. These soldiers were killed near Y Junction under Operation Snow Leopard.

According to Operation Details, On 15 June 2020, Colonel Santosh Babu, commander of the 16 Bihar Regiment in the Galwan Valley, led the “Quick Reaction Force” and the PLPOP carried out on 15 June 2020.

There have been tense situations in Ladakh between India and China since 5 May. On the night of 15 June, 16 June, in the Galwan Valley of Ladakh, the confrontation between the two countries turned into a violent clash. In which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred.

In this, China had lost a lot. At the beginning of the war, there have been numerous talks at the level of the officers between the two sides, during which the two countries agreed to rearrange their armies.

Let us remind you that this was the largest violent event at the border in 45 years. India and China have recently arranged another round of commander-in-chief meetings on the boundary conflict in East Ladakh.

The two countries insisted on adopting the decisions made in the sixth round of military talks to prevent misunderstandings and maintain peace on the ground.

It is assumed that there was no clear outcome of the talks to expedite the process of breaking the deadlock, and both parties decided to resume the round of negotiations.