MI captain Rohit Sharma hit double century of sixes in IPL 2020 [Update]

MI captain Rohit Sharma hit double century of sixes in IPL

Rohit Sharma’s bat triggered a storm in the match between the Indians of Mumbai and the Knight Riders of Kolkata. MI Captain Sharma took the clouds of the Kolkata class ferociously. He scored a half-century IPL career. Rohit played a stormy inning of 80 runs off 54 balls with the help of three fours and six sixes.

In his innings against KKR, Rohit made several impressive records. In his IPL career, Sharma also completed 200 sixes. He was in that place as soon as he scored his sixth 6 in the match. He reached a double century of IPL sixes and became the second Indian batsman to do this feat.

Apart from Rohit, MS Dhoni was unable to do this alone. Chris Gayle tops the 326-six chart. Apart from that, Captain David Warner has outperformed Hyderabad in scoring the most runs against any single player.

Rohit was very optimistic when he came to bat. He sent Gayle around the field and put the bowlers of Kolkata on the schedule. In the match, Sharma was looking for a century, but Rohit lost his wicket in 80, and he missed the century.

But Rohit did well in the innings, and thanks to his captaincy innings, Mumbai won the match.