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Monique Olivier


Real NameMonique Olivier.
In LimelightMonique Olivier: Accessory to Evil (2023).
Birth DateOctober 31, 1948.
Birth PlaceTours, France.
Currently AtFleury-Mérogis Prison.
Love Life
Marital StatusWidow.
HusbandMichel Fourniret.
KidsSelim Fourniret.
Body Measurements
ParentsFather: --
Mother: --
WeightKg: 53.3.
Pounds: 117.5 lbs.
HeightIn feet: 5' 2.5".
In centimeters: 158.7 cm.
In meters: 1.587 m.
HairSalt and Pepper.

Monique Olivier Accessory to Evil

Who is Monique Olivier?

Monique Olivier (born on October 31, 1948) is a 74-year-old widow of the infamous French serial killer Michel Fourniret who killed 12 innocents from 1987 to his arrest in 2003. Fourniret died on May 10, 2021, due to some respiratory complications, whereas Olivier is serving a life imprisonment sentence with a security period of 28 years at Fleury-Mérogis.

Her precise role in the murders committed by her killer husband has always been unclear, although she was found guilty as an accessory to five of them.

What Olivier and her late husband did was horrifyingly wicked, and many TV productions covered their whole story over the years. Recently, Netflix also released a documentary titled “Monique Olivier: Accessory to Evil,” highlighting Monique’s contributions to the wrongdoings of the Ogre of the Ardennes.

Let’s discuss how Olivier met Michel and why she helped him fulfill his evil fantasies of murdering and r*ping young females.



Monique Olivier and Michel Fourniret

From Where is Monique Olivier And How She Met Michel Fourniret?

On October 31, 1948, Monique Olivier (age 74) was born in Tours, France. There is significantly less information available about her early life. According to sources, she was married before meeting Fourniret, but her husband was abusive.

Fourniret revealed that he came in contact with Monique through a Prison Pen Pal Program while in prison for sexually assaulting a girl. Michel and Olivier used to exchange letters and share their thoughts regularly. Eventually, Michel told Oli about his desire to murder innocent girls; the woman agreed to help him upon his release from jail.


Monique Olivier during court hearing

When the serial killer came out of prison, he met his pen pal, and they started living together. On December 11, 1987, Fourniret and Oli targeted a teenager named Isabelle Laville, whom they had been observing for a few days.

Reportedly the girl was returning from school when Mich and his companion lured her and sedated her with a hypnotic substance. She was first assaulted and strangled; her dead body was recovered nearly two decades later in an abandoned well.



Michel Fourniret castle Chateau Du Sautou

How Michel Fourniret Bought Chateau Du Sautou?

In March 1988, Jean-Pierre Hellegouarch’s wife, Farida Hammiche, contacted Fourniret and asked for his help to recover loot that Gang des postiches members had hidden in a cemetery at Fontenay-en-Parisis.

After searching for a while, they found the haul, and Fourniret received 500k francs. The Fourniret was not satisfied with the money, so they killed Farida and stole the rest of the money from her. The same money was later used to buy Chateau Du Sautou in Donchery.

The same year in August, Olivier got pregnant and gave birth to a son named Selim, whom they used as bait to hunt young girls. The Ogre of the Ardennes accepted that he took more than 10 lives, one of which was a man who is still unidentified.

The seven females who are identified as the victims are Isabelle Laville, Fabienne Leroy, Jeanne-Marie Desramault, Elisabeth Brichet, Natacha Danais, Céline Saison, and Manyana Thumpong. Brichet was the youngest of all, and she was only 12.


Michel Fourniret
How did Michel Fourniret Get Arrested?

According to sources, Fourniret was arrested on June 26, 2003, in Sart-Custinne, Belgium, for a kidnapping attempt but was released after an investigation. One year later, Olivier contacted police and told them that Fourniret has killed many since 1987.

The bespectacled skinny man was extradited to France, where accepted murdering a male and 8 females; only the bodies of 4 were discovered, but Monique helped find the 3 of the other four also. Court sentenced Michel to a lifetime behind bars without any possibility of parole. The court ordered the couple to pay €1.5 million to compensate the victims’ families.




Michel Fourniret FAQs

Ques: When was Monique Olivier born?

Ans: October 31, 1948.

Ques: What is the name of Monique Olivier’s son?

Ans: Selim.

Ques: Is Monique Olivier alive?

Ans: Yes.

Ques: Did Monique Olivier help Michel Fourniret in his crimes?

Ans: Yes.