Now 4G will run on the moon Nokia gets contract

Now 4G will run on the moon Nokia gets contract

The US space agency NASA is planning to develop a FourG mobile network on the moon. For this, the company has also given a contract to the telecom company Nokia. Nokia will first install the FourG LTE network on the moon. After this, she will also upgrade to FiveG.

Nokia will also be provided with a US $ 14.1 million in funds to begin work on behalf of NASA. NASA has said in its official announcement that this 4G system can support communication over the lunar surface in more distance, faster speed, and in a better way.

NASA has selected a total of 14 US companies, including Nokia, for its moon mission. According to United Press International, NASA Administrator Jim British Star said that if NASA wants to meet its goal of seeing astronauts working on the moon by 2028, it will have to develop new technology rapidly.

He said that we need a power system that can stay on the lunar surface for a long time but we also have to develop the ability to stay on the moon. Obviously, once NASA’s target succeeds, humans will establish a new dimension. Nokia is also very excited to get a chance to create history on the moon.